YouAttest announces support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–YouAttest, an identity governance and administration (IGA) innovator for streamlined access reviews, today announced support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

YouAttest offers a cloud-based tool that enables businesses to perform compliance and security access reviews in a fraction of the time and at significantly lower costs.

“YouAttest provides world-class, cloud-based IGA audit tools, and with new support for Azure AD, this is huge news for the security compliance community,” said Stacey Cameron. , CEO and Co-Founder, QoS Consulting, Washington, DC “YouAttest is going to be a must have for Azure AD deployments and complementary to environments that have multiple identity stores.

Azure AD is the leading cloud directory on the market today – used across industries: financial services, government, healthcare, and international commerce. Stored identities fall under numerous US and international compliance measures such as: SOX, SOC2, HIPAA/HITRUST, ISO 27001, GLB and CMMC. Using the YouAttest console, the enterprise customer can automate the access review process and allow multiple reviewers to certify, revoke, or further delegate the review of user identity and rights within their organization. Azure AD company directory.

“YouAttest has helped our customers achieve a better access review process that deploys in minutes and saves time and money,” said Garret Grajek, CEO of YouAttest. “Now, with support for Azure Active Directory, we look forward to building relationships with a wide range of stakeholders who are implementing Azure Active Directory for their identity access management.

Grajek is an IT security innovator who holds 13 security-focused patents. He has taken companies such as SecureAuth from start-up to a successful business with hundreds of satisfied customers. Grajek was Director of Identity at Cylance, which was acquired by BlackBerry.

About YouAttest

YouAttest identity compliance solution is easy to use, cost effective and easy to deploy. By using YouAttest, companies can improve both their compliance process and their IT security. YouAttest is a cloud-based IGA product that is licensed for $2 per user per month and can be contacted at, (877) 452-0496. Free trials available, sign up here.

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