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the WordPress Photo Directory takes off, growing to over 1,400 free photos approved in less than two months. After a successful call for volunteer photo testers and moderators, the yearbook has an enthusiastic team of contributors ready to move the project forward.

Angela Jin pitch for photo moderators resonated with a lot of people for several reasons – it described an affordable time commitment (1-2 hours/week) and required no special skills beyond an appreciation for photography:

Photo Directory moderators can expect to spend 1-2 hours in the coming weeks learning about the current Photo Directory and moderation tools, and discussing future best practices. To keep the Photo Directory a thriving resource, moderators are needed for the foreseeable future, devoting perhaps up to an hour of their time each week.

Nearly twenty people responded to this call. It was a good strategy to build a large base of contributors instead of depending on a smaller team that would be forced to put in more hours.

This week, Jin formalized the new group of contributors, announcing the photo directory as a new WordPress Make team. Collaboration is underway on the new WordPress Slack #photos channel and the team will start posting to make.wordpress.org/photos. They will be working on two manuals – one public and one private which will outline processes for moderators dealing with topics such as curation and inappropriate content.

There has been some confusion over the difference between the WordPress photo repository and the Openverse project, which hosts 600 million image and audio files licensed under Creative Commons and in the public domain. Openverse draws from many different sources, and the WordPress Photo Directory is a new source that will be included with all images licensed under the CC0 Licence.

Automattic sponsored Openverse contributor Zack Krida explained the difference between WordPress photo directory and Openverse:

the WordPress Photo Directory is both a new, curated source of free, high-quality photography and a new submission tool for Openverse, powered by the WordPress community. Without it, you’ll have to use Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, or other sources to submit your work to Openverse.

Another way to contribute to the photo directory is to submit photos. I really like making steel cut oats for breakfast, so I decided to test the submission process with a photo of my oatmeal. The process is simple and takes less than a minute once you have already selected the image you wish to submit. Pending photographs are listed in a table after you submit, and the moderation queue for each account is limited to five at this time.

I was surprised by one of the agreements before sending my photo: “The photo must not contain any human face. The guidelines state that submissions cannot contain faces of people at this time for legal reasons. Hopefully this limitation is worked out before launch, as the directory needs faces to have the best chance of becoming a world-class resource for free images.

No attribution is required for CC0 photos, but it would be nice to have an easy way to copy attribution information and credit the photographer with a link to the list of individual photos. It would also be helpful in driving adoption of the photo directory, with links coming from all over the web. I filed a meta trac ticket request the feature, as it seems to be the best way to request an addition to the directory roadmap.

The photo directory has so much momentum right now and provides a good opportunity to contribute to the WordPress world without having to know how to code. Meetings have not yet started for the project, but contributors can access the new Slack channel and subscribe to the news Photo Directory Blog on the Make network once launched.

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