Why Han Steals Money From Tokyo Drift (Despite His Wealth)

In The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Han is revealed to be robbing the Yakuza, despite already being wealthy. Here’s why Han steals anyway.

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift sees Han stealing money from the Yakuza, even though he’s already rich – why? Han mentions in the film that he has a lot of money – a line that makes sense given the heist in Fast Five – so why would he risk his business and his life for a little extra money? There are a few possible explanations for Han’s questionable decision.

When Sean Boswell meets Han in Tokyo Drift, the veteran drifter has been through a lot. His run with the crew of Dom Toretto brought fortune, trouble with the law, and at the end of Fast & Furious 6, the death of his companion, Gisèle Yashar. This latest cruel twist of fate sent Han on a bit of soul-searching, eventually ending up in Tokyo and opening his own garage. The money of Fast Five should have been enough to keep Han indefinitely after that, so why does he start stealing from the Yakuza?


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There are several possible explanations. The first and most obvious is simply that the money may not have gone as far as Han would have liked. Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and his lifestyle there — full of luxury, clubbing and high-performance auto parts — likely made a big dent in the $10 million Han took home. with him. Fast Five flight. A good chunk of that money was probably already exhausted by the time it arrived in Japan, and much more would have been spent on garage business itself. With so many expenses piling up, Han may have been more strapped for money than he let on.

Han Fast and the Furious

Another possible, sadder explanation is that Han went down a path of self-destruction after Gisele’s death, which led him to engage in more dangerous behavior. When it appears in Tokyo Drift, Han doesn’t really run anymore, and he’s basically on his own. Sure, he goes to clubs and looks up phone numbers and has a bunch of racers and mechanics at his disposal, but his fire seems to be fading since his early days. Has he completely given up hope or given up on life? Absolutely not. But following the death of Gisèle in Fast & Furious 6and after everything he’s seen, Han may have instinctively reverted to his traditional pattern of behavior – one that puts him in danger, even when not necessary.

Probably the best explanation for Han stealing from the Yakuza is a combination of the two. Tokyo’s lavish lifestyle probably sank more of their money than it looked from the outside, and their lack of a goal after Fast & Furious 6 may have pushed him back to his old life of crime. Luckily, Han miraculously coming back from the dead in Fast and Furious 9he looks like his Tokyo Drift the decisions won’t be as fatal as they once seemed.

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