Where to find your screenshots in Genshin Impact



Genshin Impact allows you to take in-game photos using a camera function. When you click on the Paimon icon, you will see a Camera icon on the left side, which allows you to take photos. You can take great photos with this feature, with the ability to zoom in and adjust the angle of the camera. However, these photos can be hidden away in a nice niche spot depending on what platform you’re playing on.

PC users will have to dive into their computer files to find their great shots. If you’ve taken a great photo before but can’t find it, don’t worry. Here’s where to find your screenshots on each respective platform.

Finding your photos on mobile and PlayStation 4 is no problem, and you should have no problem finding them. They are simply located where your saved screenshots typically are, rather than in a single folder. There are folders assigned for this purpose, and you’ve probably seen screenshots there.

PC gamers are the ones who will have to dig a little deeper than usual to find that elusive image. If you have enabled the default settings, you will find your photos in your file directory here:

C: Program Files Genshin Impact Genshin Impact Game ScreenShot

Here you will notice that all the photos you have taken are stored. Unfortunately, the files are not correctly named or dated. It’s not well organized, so if you’ve taken a lot of photos you may need to search the folder to find your photo.

Otherwise, your photos will be on full display here for you to enjoy. While you can take screenshots using the Print Screen button on your keyboard, the in-game tool does away with all the UI that clutters your screen. So, if you want to take a good photo, it is worth the effort.


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