WhatsApp Business Directory feature will allow users to search for nearby stores, restaurants and more

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will help users find nearby businesses directly from the app. When searching for something in the app, users will see a section with subcategories like photos, videos, and documents. A second section will show nearby businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

The “Business Directory” feature was reported by WABetaInfo after its release for some people in São Paulo, Brazil, and is expected to reach more users in more regions in the future. The feature will come in handy for users to find various businesses that are close to them and then contact them directly through the app.

A screenshot also reveals what the feature will look like on Android. Find out below.

Here’s what the feature will look like. (Image source: WABetaInfo)

Although the screenshot is on Android, the feature would have been available on iOS devices in the supported region as well.

The feature is likely aimed at making purchases more seamless through WhatsApp, which already has its own payment interface in regions like India, through UPI. The ability to search for nearby stores, restaurants and other businesses, talk to the respective WhatsApp Business accounts, choose from a catalog of products and services, and pay directly from the app will allow users to complete the whole process without leaving WhatsApp at all.

The feature is still not available in India and unfortunately there is also no tentative date we expect it to arrive. However, more information on upcoming features, including the new Business Directory feature, is expected to arrive soon in early 2022.

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