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When it comes to some of the most innovative indie games of all time, Doki Doki Literature Club certainly deserves a full mention. This free title has taken the gaming community by storm by completely lowering the expectations of most gamers who expected a cute dating simulation, taking them on a revolutionary journey with disturbing content and shivering chills. Would piss off even the most hardened players … especially if they entered the game completely blind, as they should.

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So it’s easy to see why so many people loved the release of Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! The expanded version of the game was jam-packed with a host of new changes that were universally welcomed. Players who want to know all about this enhanced version of a beloved indie horror title just have to read on to find out more about all the unique facts about this title.

New computer functionality has been incorporated into this game

The computer in the Doki Doki Literature Club

In the old version of Doki Doki Literature Club, there were times when players had to delete files from the main folder. Normally this could only be done by opening the folder where the game was installed on PC.

However, Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! adds a way to access file details without having to open the directory from the file explorer itself. The game has a new computer feature that allows console gamers to enjoy the game’s meta-story as well!

There are 13 new tracks added to the game

The girls of the Doki Doki Literature Club

The music of Doki Doki Literature Club was pretty decent, if a bit unremarkable. One notable issue was that there wasn’t really a diverse set of music for the player to enjoy in the base version of the game.

The Plus version aims to rectify this problem. It adds 13 new tracks to the game which add much more musical variety to the game.

Players can access the song’s music through an in-game music player

The Doki Doki Literature Club music player

With the new music added to the game – coupled with the existing tracks in the title – most gamers would want a way to listen to that music. Fortunately, Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! allows it too.

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Through the in-game computer, players can access a music player that allows them to play these tracks. This is a great way to make it easy for gamers to enjoy the music in these games.

A total of six new side stories for characters are added to the game

Doki Doki Literature Club

Players obviously expected Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! be littered with new story content. This is precisely what the upgraded version offers.

The game features six new side stories for the main characters in the game. Considering the surprising depth of the Literature Club members, it’s good to see that players can spend more time getting to know their personalities.

More than 100 unlockable images are present in the Plus version

The girls of the Doki Doki Literature Club

The liberation of Doki Doki Literature Club ended up gaining a ton of traction through word of mouth alone. So it’s easy to see why the game’s creator – Dan Salvato – was so in love with the idea of ​​adding more content to the game.

This brilliant developer has definitely succeeded on this front. Fans of Doki Doki Literature Club will be happy to know that the Plus version includes over a hundred new unlockable images that make the most of the improved illustrations.

The game runs on the Unity engine as opposed to the Ren’py engine

Three characters standing in the Doki Doki Literature Club classroom

Ren’py is a handy engine used to create visual novels for PC. Although it is a suitable motor for Doki Doki Literature Club, this engine made porting the game to consoles quite difficult.

This is why Dan Salvato decided to completely change the game engine. The game has been moved to the Unity engine so that developers can easily port this game to console while adding a bit of finishing touches to the title that was. not possible on Ren’py due to engine limitations.

The game visuals are significantly improved

A cutscene with Sayori at the Doki Doki Literature Club

This is by far the most obvious change in Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! on the original. Any player who plays through this enhanced edition will notice a massive visual upgrade from the original.

Everything from the user interface to the illustration has been significantly improved. The result is a cleaner, more visually satisfying experience that is sure to keep most fans – new and old – happy enough while playing this game.

There are some interesting emails that players may receive in the game

Mail in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus

The in-game computer present in Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! is a pretty unique addition to the game. It serves several purposes, most of which have already been discussed above.

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Another major change brought by this feature is the inclusion of a mail system, where players can read fairly unique mails. These emails are from Metaverse Enterprise Solutions and provide insight into how Monika managed to come to terms with herself, among some of the other questionable aspects of the game.

The storyline is mostly intact with minor changes

A cutscene with Monika at the Doki Doki Literature Club

There is no denying that Dan Salvato added a bunch of content in Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! However, the main story of the game is left in its original state with only a few minor changes.

This can be a source of great disappointment or elation on the part of the players. The former would be experienced by players who wanted the developers to develop the story of the game in a more meaningful way, while the other players are very much in favor of keeping the fundamental aspects of the story intact due to its brilliance. already.

Players should be aware of the trigger content

A glimpse of half of Yuri's jumpscare face at Doki Doki Literature Club

It goes without saying, but Doki Doki Plus Literature Club! is not a game for the faint of heart. The cute characters in this game harbor deep insecurities and unsettling issues that can be quite uncomfortable to encounter.

Along with that, one cannot fail to mention how deeply horrifying the experience already is. The sheer number of jumpscares, spooky visuals and the like present in this game is sure to bother anyone who isn’t comfortable with this type of content in the first place.

Doki Literature Club Doki Plus was released on September 22, 2017 and is only available on PC.

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