WebTech Monthly News – September 2021


October Drupal training sessions available

New to editing a Drupal site? Or are you a current Drupal user who wants to improve your editing game? There are Drupal training sessions in September still open for registrations:

NEW. We now offer Drupal team training. Need personalized Drupal training for you and at least one other team member that focuses on the specific elements that apply to your department’s website? Send an email to web.help@wwu.edu to schedule a time and date.

Launch of the site in September

  • The Counseling and Welfare Center (CWC) linked the old Prevention and Welfare Services (PWS) website. If your department’s website contains links to the PWS, please check them to make sure they have been correctly updated to the relevant CWC page.

Drupal updates

New modules

There are no new add-ons for this month’s release. Check back for the new features next month.

Drupal theme updates

WordPress: CampusPress updates

Tips for building sites

Update your department profile

Many departmental websites at Western use the directory listing to introduce their faculty and staff within a department. Each of these user profiles can be customized to meet individual and departmental needs. If your department uses a directory on the website to list faculty and staff, you probably have a user profile. What you might not know is that you have the editing powers to update / add information to make your profile more complete.

You don’t need to ask your manager to update quarterly office hours or change office locations. As a user, you can update all profile information yourself. Check out these easy 6-step instructions for updating your directory profile on your department’s Drupal website.

While there may be fields in the instructions that may or may not apply to you or your service, the more information you provide, the more attractive your published profile will be. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact web.help@wwu.edu.

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Friday October 8, 2021 – 9:30 a.m.

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