Webcam Alternatives for Online Test Monitoring | Digital Learning Office

If you don’t have a webcam or can’t access one, you might want to explore some of the alternative methods below:

Mobile app for Zoom

Zoom meetings can be accessed directly from a smartphone or tablet as an alternative to using a webcam on a computer.

Download the Zoom app from the AppStore or Google Play.

Turn your smartphone into a webcam

Below is a list of mobile apps that can connect to a computer and allow a smartphone camera to act as a webcam. These apps are useful when a native mobile app is not available to complete an assignment or class activity.

Every app requires a mobile app and software installed on a Windows or Mac computer . The apps below are only suggestions, please choose one that best meets the requirements of your smartphone and desktop OS. There may be other apps available that will also perform this function.

Software Options

Webcam Irioun – Free download and supports Android and iOS. Windows/Mac/Ubuntu

EpocCam – Free and ad-supported with limited camera quality. An ad-free version with premium features is available for $7.99. EpocCam supports Android and iOS. Windows/Mac

DroidCam Wireless Webcam – DroidCam wireless webcam is free to download and supports Android and iOS. DroidCam is more technical than the other apps on this list but supports Linux in addition to Windows. Windows/Linux

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