Top Directory Listings of Top Web Design Companies

When looking for web design services, you can google companies one by one and check their websites manually. Yet such an approach would consume too much of your time and effort. Instead, consider looking at directory listings of the most successful agencies in the industry.

These catalogs contain information on hundreds or even thousands of web design companies. They offer handy filters and search tools to make the process of selecting the best contractor easier. In this article, we will talk about the 5 most popular web design directories and explain why it would be reasonable to use lesser known platforms of this type.


This catalog contains more than 46,000 web design agencies. The information is organized in the form of a map. On each card, you will find:

  • The name of the agency
  • Its size, location and price
  • Main testimony
  • Priority to services
  • Contact information

To view the company’s portfolio and other data, you need to visit its profile page. You will have the opportunity to read the summaries of the projects that the agency has carried out. Customer testimonials will be linked to each summary. In addition, there will be information that confirms the legitimacy and credibility of the agency:

  • When the business was launched
  • It which jurisdictions it was launched
  • Business entity details
  • Payment details / legal deposit

Some organizations may not want to provide these details, but others don’t mind sharing them.

Clutch lets you sort, filter and compare agencies. Its comparison tool is well visualized. The main services of each company are highlighted by colored bars.

This platform includes a useful tool called the Leader Matrix. It reveals the efficiency with which the company provides the promised services. According to the matrix, all agencies are grouped into four categories: Niche, Emerging, Proven and Market Leaders.


good companies

This contains more than 11,000 organizations from around 100 countries. His website offers large blocks for high profile web design agencies. You’ll know how big each company is, where it’s located, and what its features and prices are.

If you want to know more about each agency, you have to click extra to access their portfolio, reviews or official website. All details will be available on one page.

The main filters allow you to sort the agencies according to their pricing. To find filters related to business location and size, you need to keep scrolling.

This platform evaluates the performance of each web design company according to 6 criteria:

  • Overall Exam Score
  • Portfolio ratings
  • Market penetration
  • Industrial experience
  • Web UI and UX
  • web creativity

Each criterion can give him a maximum of 10 points, so there can be a maximum of 60 points in total.



This website can boast of an exceptionally minimalistic layout. When you open it, you will discover a list of top performing web design agencies. As you begin to explore it, you will be able to check each company’s most important size, ratings, prices, and details. To access contact information, location and more comprehensive agency data, you will need to make an additional click.

It’s a great resource for those who prefer to avoid cluttered lists and would like to have access to the aces of aces early on. The choice of agencies and the features of 10BestDesignFirm are limited compared to the competitors mentioned above.

upper town

upper town

It is an all-in-one marketplace focused on region-specific research. The most important information about each agency is displayed on a map. There you’ll see each company’s overall rating and brief description. If you need more, you should go to the profile page of the organization which will present this data:

  • Customers’ opinion
  • Wallet
  • Products and services
  • Location
  • Revenue
  • Number of staff

The tools for finding and filtering information on this market are something between what 10BestDesignFirms and Clutch offer. They are neither overly broad nor simplistic.

At the bottom of an organization’s profile page, you’ll come across customer experiences. Each client who wishes to share his opinion on the agency is required to complete these forms:

  • 5 star rating
  • What services they used
  • The project budget
  • Staff communication skills and industry knowledge according to a 10-point ranking system

When searching for information, you will be allowed to filter the database according to the following parameters:

  • Name of the agency
  • Certificate
  • Evaluation
  • Overall Exam Score
  • Number of reviews

The last parameter is particularly important and allows Upcity to stand out from its competitors. Many other websites allow visitors to filter businesses based on top rated reviews. Still, if an agency has 500 positive reviews, that says a lot, while just a few reviews means next to nothing.



When it comes to the map-based view, DesignRush doesn’t differ too drastically from other platforms. Each card contains pricing information and company overviews. To access its comprehensive profile, you need to open the agency’s page. The design of each profile immediately catches the eye and looks like a landing page. All data is easily readable and structured in a remarkably user-friendly manner.

Potential clients can discover the biographies of key team members in the profiles of selected agencies.

Why it would be wise to pay attention to lesser known directories

Apart from the five main platforms discussed above, there are many other directories on the internet that help clients find reliable web design agencies. When a new project of this type is launched, its creators ensure that it has a competitive advantage. The teams behind the new directories strive to outperform existing platforms using:

  • Exceptionally user-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation
  • Advanced search tools and filters
  • Sophisticated grading and scoring systems, usually powered by AI
  • Reinforced verification of all information
  • The highest professionalism of the support team
  • Additional services

If you run a web design agency, you need to list it in directories that are just starting to take off. Their catalogs are not yet crowded. When a potential client opens such a platform, his attention is drawn to a few dozen agencies, including yours. Many people feel uncomfortable when they are spoiled for choice. They become more confident when research opportunities are reasonably limited.

It’s easier to get one of the top positions in a ranking if it has less than 500 companies.



Computer classification is a relatively new yearbook project. It lets you find any type of business in the IT industry, including a web design agency.

This website can boast of an incredibly comprehensive structure and perfect UI/UX. Any IT company can apply to be listed there, but information about it will only be put online after the directory team has succeeded in proving it with facts. For example, if you state that your team can work with specific tools, you will need to show products created with those tools. Only reviews from real customers who have actually used the company’s services are accepted.

This directory is based on recommendation algorithms powered by AI. It will suggest service providers to you based on your past behavior on this website. strives to build a powerful ecosystem for IT professionals. It includes job postings, training courses, tenders, events calendar, industry news, research and much more. Companies and individual specialists can benefit from this approach. The sooner you join this platform, the sooner you can enjoy its benefits!

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