The most dangerous phone numbers for your pocket according to the OCU that you should avoid calling

Many people today don’t know what prefixes mean and it can lead to unexpected bills at the end of the month over the phone. That’s why the UCO tells us what we need to know before picking up the phone.

Every time the phone rings and we look at the number, we wonder how much the joke is going to come out of us. Although, fortunately, this only happens when the phone calling us does not start with 6 (a sign that it is a personal mobile and that this call is included in our tariff).

But when the number starts with 8 or 9 things change, since we are talking about landline, business or reverse recharge, which is equivalent to several euros per minute and a monumental anger at the end of the month.

And the OCU, Organization of Consumers and Users, who knows it well, wanted to help us with an explanation of the meaning of each number, so that we know how to identify our incoming calls.

Nothing like knowledge so that they don’t overload us.

800 numbers: These numbers are reserved for phones where service is provided during the call. The type of service is defined by the first 3 digits:

803: This prefix is ​​used in adult services. 806: This number is intended for entertainment services (tarot cards, games, etc.). 807: For professional services (medical, advice, etc.)

900 numbers: These figures are those of administrations, customer service, etc. Here everyone has a mission and they are very different from each other.

Let’s see them in depth because they are numerous and very different:

900: Calling a number that begins with 900 will be free, as this call is paid for by whoever receives the call. 901: Usually used by public administration, such as tax agency or social security. When you dial 901, you pay one part of the call and the recipient another. 902: The user must pay the full cost of the call. A call of only 5 minutes costs around 3 euros from a mobile and more than 1 euro from a landline. 905: They are at a special price. Numbers starting with 905 are used to provide a service, in particular, they are used for televoting services. A fixed amount is paid per call. 908: iLike those starting with 907 and 909, these are numbers to which the user connects via the Internet to provide a service, and must be specifically requested.

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ultimately Let us not forget the calls to 118, which serve as a telephone directory. Calls to these numbers have very high prices, which vary widely depending on the person providing the information. The CNCM has set the average cost per minute at 5.56 euros.

Now that you have all the important prefixes, it’s up to you to pay attention to every call, incoming and outgoing. Oh, and here’s how to call collect in Spain, in case you’re wondering.

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