The historical society offers information on Lewiston funeral homes



DEAR POINTS OF SUN: The Androscoggin Historical Society has repertoires from 1860 to 1982. Your speculation that there were two funeral directors on Main Street in Lewiston is correct. Around 1924, Teague & Harlow moved to 391 Main Street and continued as Teague & Stevens and Teague & Jenkins. However, this place is not on the corner of Holland Street.

Around 1926, Daniel J. Conley moved to 377 Main Street, which is on this corner. In 1937, Francis G. (Frank) Conley opened the Conley-Fahey Funeral Home at 101 Pine Street. Daniel J. Conley disappears from the 1958 repertoire, but Conley-Fahey is still at 101 Pine. In 1958 Frank operated the Conley Funeral Home at 377 Main Street – Doug, Lewiston

REPLY: You are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to share this interesting and vital information with Sun Spots readers.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The funeral home at the corner of Holland and Main streets in Lewiston was DJ Conley Funeral Home. My father worked there for years.

I think Sun Spots is the best thing in the newspaper! – No name, no city

REPLY: I am very happy to have this definitive information on Lewiston Funeral Homes for our reader who inquired on October 5th.

As for Sun Spots being “the best thing in the newspaper”, thanks for the compliment. I love my job and the people I work with at Sun Journal are the best! I want to make sure the readers understand how hard they work to get the news and stories to you!

Sun Spots would not exist without the curiosity and interest of our readers. Every day I learn something new as your questions, requests and comments lead me down alleys, mazes, trees and even sometimes rabbit holes that I need help getting out of! My thanks go to all of you who have thrown me a lifeline when I cannot answer the question myself.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On October 11, a Sun Spots reader wrote to ask which restaurant had the best onion rings. I no longer live in Lewiston-Auburn but I still read your column. The best place to find fresh onion rings is in Tabers (in Auburn). When I come to visit my family, this place is always on my food bucket list. Even here in North Carolina, I still haven’t found anything like Tabers. Hope this helps! – Michelle, Raleigh, North Carolina

REPLY: I agree with you Michèle! I have a feeling all Sun Spots readers have been to Tabers at one point or another. In the remote case you haven’t, put it on your calendar to try it in April when they reopen for the season. Tabers at 470 Lake Shore Drive. If you go to their website at you can order gift certificates. I think these would make great holiday gifts!

DEAR SUNSHOTS: When it comes to the onion rings, our family really loves the ones at Harmon’s Lunch in Falmouth. This is one of those little take out food stalls, but we love it.

REPLY: Oh yes! Ms. Sun Spots knows all about Harmon’s Lunch at 144 Gray Road. If you haven’t ordered a milkshake to go with those onion rings, fries, and burger, you absolutely have to!

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