The 10 Latest Additions to the LawNext Legal Technology Directory, 8/2/22

Since we launched the LawNext Legal Technology Directorywho debuted in February, I am always fascinated to see the products that are added. As close as I follow legal tech, I always discover new and interesting products.

Here are the 10 latest additions (descriptions taken from product listings).

  • ZenCase. ZenCase is next-generation, cloud-based law practice software that makes it easier for everyone in the firm, regardless of size. Developed by lawyers for law firms. If you are the legal administrator and your time is spent on double bookkeeping, fiduciary accounting, providing constant updates from attorneys on collections and receivables, or managing the pre-invoicing process , ZenCase has a better way.
  • RazorLex, RazorCube and Razor365. PracticeLeague just listed three separate but related products: RazorLex, a law practice management platform; RazorCube, an enterprise legal operations management platform; and Razor365, a comprehensive contract management platform.
  • LegisPro. LegisPro is an online authoring tool specifically designed for drafting and amending laws. LegisPro’s data-first approach uses modern standards-based technologies to bring greater efficiency, accuracy and transparency to the rule-making process.
  • The workplace. LexWorkplace provides cloud-based, subject-centric document and email management for law firms with 5-50 users. Key features include full compatibility with Windows and Mac, full-text search, OCR, versioning, Outlook integration, document tagging and profiling, check-in/check-out documents, etc.
  • TM TKO. TM TKO provides smart, cost-effective tools for brand professionals. Subscriptions include unlimited AI-powered authorization, new 2(d) app/publishing/citation monitoring, and unique products like Office Action Search, Reviewer Analytics, and ThorCheck Benchmarking Research.
  • MyJr Case Insights. MyJr finds case citations on your page and provides instant, on-demand information about those cited cases. MyJr will dramatically improve the way you do your research. After all, why open a new tab to read an entire case when all you need is a few quick details?
  • Filevine. Filevine is a cloud-based work platform for legal professionals. Powering everything from case management and client communication to legal document drafting and business analysis, Filevine is building a future where the intersection of legal work and business is made seamless, transparent and effortless for clients. legal professionals and all those with whom they interact.
  • To sum up. Summize is a game-changer for companies that work with contracts. As the world’s first integrated contract lifecycle management solution, Summize uses familiar tools like Teams, Slack, and Microsoft Word as its user interface, creating a seamless user experience for any business interaction with contracts.
  • Alexa AI Translations Alexa Translations breaks down language barriers by providing AI-powered translations for the world’s most prestigious legal, financial and government institutions. Trained in Canadian French and hosted on Canadian servers, the Alexa Translations AI platform empowers translation teams and delivers complex, industry-specific results with unparalleled quality and speed.
  • Evidence. Proof is a technology company that is revolutionizing process service by delivering speed, verification, and transparency at every step of the process. We offer nationwide service in all 50 states, provide live updates and verify all attempts with GEOlocation. PROOF also offers jump trails, e-filing, and live chat to connect users directly to their process server. PROOF works with over 2,200 law firms and government agencies nationwide.

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