Tenable presents “Tenable.ad” – Secure Active Directory and disrupt attack paths



Recently Tenable added another solution to their portfolio which is called Tenable.ad – This is for securing Active Directory. Security experts have said that behind every violation title is an unsecured Active Directory (AD) deployment. Once ransomware players gain access to your network, they will almost always systematically leverage Active Directory for mass deployment. Unfortunately, most organizations struggle with Active Directory security due to configuration errors that accumulate as domains become more complex, preventing security teams from finding and fixing. vulnerabilities before they become business impact issues.

Tenable.ad lets you see it all, predict what matters, and take action to manage risk in Active Directory to disrupt attack paths before attackers exploit them. By combining risk-based vulnerability management and Active Directory security, Tenable allows you to disrupt the attack path, ensuring that attackers struggle to find a place and don’t have a next step. they’re doing it.

Please contact Patrick Meister at 602-451-1945, pmeister@tenable.com)

Tenable is also:

Ranked 1st by Forrester

Ranked 1st by Gartner

US Federal Government and Industry Standard

More accurate in asset discovery and associated vulnerability risks, including threat data

Fastest to report attacks and plug-in release (same day as attack report in most cases)

Fully automated analysis and reporting provides more time for mitigation

FREE TRIAL versions are available

Tenable Public Sector LLC

Tenable®, Inc. is the Cyber ​​Exposure Company, providing vulnerability management and cyber compliance solutions for the State of California. More than 30,000 organizations around the world trust Tenable to understand vulnerabilities in their network and reduce cyber risk.

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