Tearing up the phone book, more apartments and a weird dream

Few people “let their fingers do the walking”. I guess it’s computers and cell phones.

The new phone book came out this week. Remember when all those strong men tore up that thick phone book to show how strong they were. I tore up the latest Windstream Yellow Pages with my thumbs and forefingers.

No, I’m not that strong. I can probably bench press 125 pounds on a good day. The phone book is thin. It’s so thin Windstream mailed it.

The Cabarrus South Rowan County edition, which includes Locust and Stanfield, has only 78 pages for the white pages and 88 pages for the yellow pages.

Are you still listed in the telephone directory? I’m not, but I still have the same number I had when I signed up with the Concord Telephone Company for service in January 1984. My number was ported over to my cellular service.

People also read…

Computers and cell phones have really changed things.

The building was not empty for long. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service has moved to the old auto repair shop on Concord Parkway across from Lowe’s Home Improvement. This is the first Tuffy in Cabarrus County. There are a handful of locations scattered around the Charlotte area. The company is present in more than 20 states and has more than 175 locations.

The building was previously occupied by NTB – National Tire and Battery.

All of those cars, trucks and SUVs blocking your traffic need a lot of maintenance and work and it looks like this section of Concord Parkway is a hot repair shop for Take 5 Oil Change and Take 5 Carwash repair is almost done across from Tuffy and almost next door is SpeeDee Oil Change and Auto Service. And that doesn’t mean Charlie is just up the hill and AutoZone.

Cars did not go the way of landline phones.

More apartments are coming. Or they could come if they can get a sewer allowance. The Charlotte Business Journal reports that a company called FastStache LLC has purchased a 35-acre site at 2802 Lane St., Kannapolis, with plans to build a 266-unit apartment complex.

The selling price is $1.15 million. It looks like The Business Journal has more, but I didn’t want to pay $15 a month for a digital subscription. They are very proud of their publication – who do they think they are, The Charlotte Observer?

I searched the ACCELA Citizen Access site, which usually has permit information, but couldn’t find anything more. FastStache LLC is based in Charlotte and the registered agent is Alexander Ricks, East 7th Street, Charlotte.

My question remains: who the hell is going to live in all these apartments? And what is the occupancy rate of those that are already built?

Dreaming about potato cakes. Have you ever had a strange dream that you don’t really understand? Early Thursday morning, I woke up dreaming about making hash browns. I couldn’t get the grated potatoes to stick.

I tried putting flour on the outside but they still fell apart. I tried wetting the flour with water and it turned into a paste and made a nasty mess. Eventually I decided to add an egg to the batter and I think it worked because I woke up. I woke up hungry.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate a good potato cake. My mom used to make them for Luke and me. It also made me think of salmon patties. I like those too.

We always called them “sal-mon” and not “sam-un”. Why the hell do they put an “l” in the word?

I googled it. Apparently it’s Latin, but the English got it from the French and the French don’t pronounce the “l”.

Native Americans call the fish “wy-kan-ush”.

Now you see where a weird potato cake dream can take you.

TikTok is wrong about dental health. You see all the videos on social media that give you advice or show you how to do something. I always wonder if they work. I tried one: popsicles, cool popsicles, you know the frozen treat that comes in plastic. Instead of cutting off the end, just snap it in the middle. That works.

The NC Dental Society sent us a press release about a hack that doesn’t work:

The viral Coca-Cola hack has made waves on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The DIY Imitation Coca-Cola is a sugar-free concoction made with balsamic vinegar and sparkling water. Without the added sugars, influencers suggest this hack is a healthier alternative. But is it really healthier than Coca-Cola? Dentists say otherwise.

“Unfortunately, balsamic vinegar and sparkling water contain acids that can cause tooth erosion,” said Dr. Christian Yaste of Charlotte. “The mixture of two acids is not ideal. It is best to consume balsamic vinegar in moderation on dishes such as salads, while drinking non-carbonated purified or fluoridated water. Plain water is the best for your oral health.

The North Carolina Dental Society shares three simple tips to prevent enamel erosion.

Use a straw: When consuming sugary, carbonated or caffeinated drinks, it is best to use a straw to avoid contact with the teeth. Also, remember to brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly.

Chewing sugar-free gum: Studies show that chewing sugar-free gum for 20 minutes can help prevent tooth decay. Look for the ADA seal on the package, you’ll know it’s sugar-free and a safe treat for your teeth.

Rinse with water: Be sure to drink water after meals or consume sugary drinks. Water will help rinse your mouth of the sugars and acids that cause cavities.

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