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OKLAHOMA – As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, an enhanced version of a resource tool for victims in Oklahoma has been extended to include links to several law enforcement agencies.

The Oklahoma Victim Information and Notification Everyday, known as OK-VINE, is a free automated telephone and Internet service that helps victims of crime get immediate and up-to-date information on custody status. ‘a delinquent.

“VINE has been a lifeline for some of our clients,” said Kristi Johnston of the Wyandotte Nation’s Family Violence Prevention Program.

The VINELink mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

The key new feature is a directory of service providers, which allows users to request help and connect directly with local and national victim service providers.

The service also enables a registration link that connects county jails and the Department of Corrections, allowing registration in VINE to provide victim notifications for offenders across all movements across and between systems.

“VINE gives customers just peace of mind and the steps they need to take to stay safe,” said Johnston.

Johnston also uses VINE personally to notify clients when an offender is released and for his “peace of mind and safety.”

“Victims of crimes in Oklahoma can now more easily track offenders in custody,” Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor said in a prepared statement.

Users can also sign up to receive automated notifications of changes in custody status by phone, email or SMS. These communications are in English and Spanish.

The latest version of VINE was implemented in mid-October, making Oklahoma the 29th state on the new platform.

Victims can access VINE information by logging into the VINELink.com website or downloading the VINELink mobile app.


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