Steps to keep your desktop clean and beautiful!

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Keeping your office clean is very important. Why? Well, a clean space brings you refreshments. When you come to your office and find your space clean and beautiful, you feel like getting your work done with all the excitement. Plus, keeping your office clean makes a good impression on other staff. It makes them feel good. It also encourages others to keep the space clean. And so here we share the steps you can take to keep your space clean.

Keep only the essentials: The things you use daily should only sit on your desk. Other things should be kept inside the cabinet to make it look more spacious and clutter-free.

Keep the little things close at hand: drawers or pen holders are practical elements for storing your daily used objects. It will be convenient and easy.

Keep frequently used items close at hand: important files and other materials you use regularly close at hand. For example, if you keep a phone book on your table but often opt for an online directory, the phone book should go.

Think “up”: by keeping your monitor on a stand, you will have more space and, above all, a good posture for sitting down and working. And if possible, install shelves above your monitor and keep the things you need regularly or closer to you.

Create a system: Organize your stuff. Using them is a way to keep things from dragging here and there. And if you use paper that is no longer needed, throw it away right away. Don’t just sit and pile things on your desk. Maintain a system that will look good.

Plants: Place a plant or beautiful natural things on your desk. It will make you feel good and refreshed.

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