SMEDCO – Business Directory SaskMétis Works!

Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Economic Development Minister Glen McCallum said, “Our Métis Nation of Saskatchewan Government will work with institutions, industry, provincial and federal governments to create a strong Métis economy to to create opportunities for Métis businesses.

SMEDCO has forged a strong relationship with the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan Citizenship Registration Service to confirm that the business owner is a citizen of the Métis Nation-Saskatchewan. At this point, they have the option of listing their business on the directory. A “verified” business means Métis minority ownership and “certified” means the business is majority Métis owned.

“This is the best directory out there, verifying and certifying Métis ownership, there is no doubt that this is an Aboriginal business – a Métis-owned business!” This will open doors to procurement for Métis businesses and enrich the Métis economy,” said Tristan Zachow – CEO of SMEDCO.

This is a free service for the business owner and a huge opportunity for him to expand his business portfolio.

“SMEDCO is the only Métis Capital Corporation in Saskatchewan to offer a full range of financing solutions and advisory programs to Métis businesses. Since 1987, SMEDCO has championed all Métis-owned businesses in the province and this directory provides a level of confidence to those with sourcing needs to obtain goods and services provided by a Métis business. Zachow added.

With reconciliation a priority, now is the perfect time to engage with a Métis-owned business!

SMEDCO knows Métis business because we are a Métis business! Full details, including registration forms, can be found at

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