Police raid underworld looking for Ronnie Biggs



The four-man team saw a dark figure leave the house and walk away in Biggs’ Holden Monaro sedan. Detectives followed but discovered Ms. Biggs was driving the car. They returned with her to the house but discovered that Biggs had run away, leaving her three children behind.


Ms Biggs is being held under a 48-hour detention warrant, which claims she is an illegal immigrant. The three children – Nicholas, 9, Christopher, 6, and Farley, 2, are in care at a state home in Burwood.

Police learned that Biggs, who worked as a carpenter at Tullamarine airport, asked his employer for his last salary on Thursday evening. Biggs was nervous and said he was “under pressure”.

A man who worked at the jetport told police Biggs told him on Thursday, “I have to go. The heat is on. You can read about it in the paper tonight.

The man read a newspaper article about the search for Biggs in Melbourne and called the police. Detectives raided his Blackburn home soon after.


It was the second time in six months that the police had failed to capture Biggs.

In May of this year, he and his wife were slightly injured when their car hit a light pole in Box Hill. The car was wrecked and Biggs had broken ribs and a severed face. Ms. Briggs was seriously shocked.

Police questioned the couple after the accident, but let them go.


Biggs’ elaborate escape plan, which he intended to use if the police got close, allegedly involved Eric Flower, 34, who escaped Wandsworth Prison with him in 1965.

The two men lived in South Australia after entering the country illegally in 1966. Biggs’ aliases since arriving in Australia have been Terry King, Terry Furminger and Terence Cook.

Car theory

Biggs adopted the name Cook after arriving in Melbourne from Glenelg, South Australia in 1967. He was listed in a Melbourne business directory and in the Melbourne telephone directory as Terence Cook.

Police say a South Australian car that was parked outside Biggs’ home at Hibiscus Road, Blackburn, in July this year was likely driven by Flower, who fled South Australia in March 1967 They were told that the two men had been seen together in southern Australia before their wives arrived from England.

Neighbors in Hibiscus Road, Blackburn, who have lived next door to the Biggs family for two and a half years without realizing Biggs’ secret, said last night that the Biggs children had spoken of going to South Africa soon for vacation.


Ms N. Williams said last night that the Biggs children recently said their father was taking them to South Africa.

“They told me they were going to visit western Victoria first and then leave the country,” she added.

State and Commonwealth Police monitor air, rail, sea and road exits in Victoria. Yesterday, detectives from the Victorian consorting squad raided dozens of homes and questioned pilots at Moorabbin Airport.

The pilots have been warned that Biggs may try to hire a light aircraft to reach New Zealand or the outback of South Australia.


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