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Phifer’s Fitness opens location in Elwood

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Travis Phifer, co-owner of Phifers Fitness, says locals looking for a great workout now have the perfect fitness spot.

Phifer, who co-owns the fitness center with his wife Leslee, adds that there was a lot of excitement ahead of the opening of their location in Elwood on April 1, 2022.

We hope to bring an amazing gym experience to the Elwood community,” he says. We are looking to expand the current gym here and add equipment that will benefit all members. We will also be adding to our family of Elwood gyms the ability to have personal training and small group workouts.

Another great opportunity for all members is the ability to train at both the new Elwood location and the Tipton Gymnasium.

All members of both sites will be able to take advantage of free lessons at Tipton,” says Phifer.

Phifer thinks there’s a secret to their success on the Tipton site.

We started small and grew with our customer base,” says Phifer. It’s important to make sure you can provide customers with a great gym experience. Because we’re not a big gym, we can adapt and grow to make everyone who comes to Phifer’s Fitness feel at home. As a family business, we understand the importance of each member and definitely consider them part of our family. »

Phifer offers a variety of training programs.

Both of our gyms offer personal training as well as small group sessions,” he says. Our Tipton location also offers yoga, cardio circuit training, pilates, kickboxing/boxing and karate classes. We hope to expand our Elwood location and plan to offer classes there in the future.

As yoga classes continue to grow in popularity these days, Phifers Fitness has made yoga fans happy.

We have a great yoga program at our Tipton site,” says Phifer. Our certified yoga instructor offers restorative yoga, flow yoga and pilates.”

Phifers Fitness also offers a meal program.

We’ve discovered that a healthy lifestyle is important for active gym members,” he says. For this reason, we’ve partnered with Herculean Meals to offer their healthy meal alternative. Our Herculean Meals were designed for the health conscious gym goer. They are an excellent source of nutrients that will help individuals achieve their diet and workout goals. We offer meals including steak and potatoes, chicken fajitas, buffalo mac and cheese and many more.

Phifer's fitnessPhifer couldt be more excited about its new location.

We are incredibly excited to open our Elwood location and work with the community,” says Phifer. We have had success partnering with different local groups and schools, to give youngsters a guided start into their gym regimen. We have also been fortunate to be able to offer programs such as SilverSneakers and Renew Active for our senior gym members. We really try to make sure we provide an exceptional gym experience for members of all ages. We may offer gym memberships for members aged 15 and over. »

For more information, call 765-408-0331 or visit

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