New report from RAVE Reviews reveals the best CBD stores in the Pacific Northwest


EUGENE, Ore., November 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – RAVE Reviews, an independent reader-funded website, has released its 2021 list of the best CBD stores in the Pacific Northwest. The directory includes 30 exceptional brick and mortar retailers to purchase your next tinctures, topicals, gel candies, pet products and much more. You can view the full list here:

The Pacific Northwest is one of the best places on the planet for growing hemp. Now that cannabis is legal in at least three Pacific Northwest states, purchasing products made from this beneficial cannabinoid is easier than ever. From busy Portland and Seattle in remote places like Woodburn, Oregon, Bethel, Alaska, and Sand Point, Idaho, CBD is more popular than ever.

After 18 months of online shopping and curbside delivery, shoppers are ready to head to physical stores where they can see, smell, touch and experience CBD products up close. All of the stores on this list are open for business and staffed with budding experts just begging to help you find the right CBD product for your needs.

RAVE’s methodology was straightforward. First, make a list of each TPN store that sells CBD and determine their popularity, location, selection, and service. Then they narrowed it down to the top picks in each of the four Pacific Northwest states. So, if you are ready to visit some awesome CBD shops, this list of the best CBD retailers from TPN will be your guide. The winners include:

1. Goddess of Ganja: Seattle, Washington
2. Alchemy Health & Wellness CBD: Marysville, Washington
3. Have a Belltown heart: Seattle, Washington
4. Ballard’s Original Herb House: Seattle, Washington
5. Herbalist: Vancouver, Washington
6. CBD of Spokane: Spokane Valley, Washington
7. The new medical tree: Bellevue, Washington
8. American Harvest Cannabis: Peshastin, Washington
9. The Comfort of the Snake River: Idaho Falls, Idaho
10. CBD nugget: Boise, Idaho
11. Animate the CBD: Nampa, Idaho
12. Your CBD store: Twin Falls, Idaho
13. Global CBD LLC: Sand Point, Idaho
14. Happy Life CBD bubble tea and coffee: Boise, Idaho
15. White Pine Organics CBD: Boise, Idaho
16. Illuminate Alaska: Anchorage, Alaska
17. Cannabis Spirit Piece: Anchorage, Alaska
18. Denali Dispensaries: Anchorage, Alaska
19. Alaskan buds: Bethel, Alaska
20. Liberate Alaska: Anchorage, Alaska
21. Magic gardens: Kenai, Alaska
22. Great Northern Cannabis: Anchorage, Alaska
23. Kaleafa: Oregon City, Oregon
24. Oregon CBD Company: Albany, Oregon
25. CBD hemp store: Hillsboro, Oregon
26. CBD American Shaman Portland: Portland, Oregon
27. Your CBD store: Gresham, Oregon
28. Euphoria of Oregon: Bend, Oregon
29. Oregon Hemp House: Portland, Oregon
30. Red barn hemp: Woodburn, Oregon

For more details on these 30 exceptional CBD stores in the Pacific Northwest, see LINK NEEDED for full details, including links to each business.

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