New online directory for families, parents and caregivers


A new Live Well B & NES website has been launched to provide information, support and signage to parents, families and caregivers in Bath and North East Somerset.

The new web resource brings together information previously held on three separate websites and enables people to search for services, organizations, groups and activities in key areas of need:

Family information – including types of childcare, vacation clubs, etc.

Helping adults lead independent lives – including information on care and well-being and support for being independent.

Support children and youth ages 0-25 with SEND – Rainbow Resource.

Cllr Alison Born, Member of Adults and Council House Building, said: “This website offers a wealth of information for anyone in need of support services or organizations, looking for activities or events. , or who is just trying to find the most recent information. information on a range of issues.

“I am sure this will become an invaluable resource and I encourage any organizations, groups or event planners who have not yet registered to do so. This will ensure that the B & NES community can engage with your service.

Organizations, groups or events that support, provide services or manage groups for children and youth or for adults in need of care or support are encouraged to register and be included in the appropriate area of ​​the website. .

The short online registration form takes less than five minutes to complete and once an ad has been moderated, it will appear in the directory within three days.

You can register here:

The website will be continually updated and the lists of organizations reviewed to ensure that Live Well B&NE contains the most recent and relevant information.

You can access Live Well B & NES here:

If you have any questions or want to provide feedback, you can contact the Live Well B & NES team online here:

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