Main achievements of the health sector in Syria, January-July 2022 – Syrian Arab Republic


• Needs and strategy of the health sector within the framework of the HNO 2022 and the HRP 2022-2023 elaborated according to the WoS approach.
• 18 health sector organizations (20 projects) participated in HRP projects with health sector projects. 1 “health sector coordination” project sheet submitted.
• 100% bi-weekly national health sector coordination meetings (14) held in Damascus.
• 100% monthly (28) sub-national health sector coordination meetings (Lattakia/Tartous; Aleppo/NWS; Qamishli/NES; Homs/Hama/Idleb; Deir-ez-Zoir). The south remains covered with Damascus.
• 6 sub-sector working groups activated: HR, MHPSS, RCCE, Trauma/Handicap, MI, Reconstruction/Rehabilitation.
• 2 quarterly schedules of health sector coordination meetings (1 national, 7 sub-national, 6 sub-sector WGs) prepared.
• 2 quarterly updates of Syrian health sector contact lists prepared.
• 6 monthly (January to June) 4W 2022 HRP produced and distributed.
• The mid-year PMR has not yet been launched.
• 2 updates of the health sector field directory produced (January and May).
• 1 inventory of Syrian health sector projects produced.
• 2 quarterly overviews of capacity building events produced.
• 2 quarterly overviews of health sector assistance to reconstruction and rehabilitation prepared.
• 1 update of assistance to the health sector with medical equipment across the developed country.
• Necessary advice provided to the WHO Partnerships Unit to initiate the provision of national NGO forums.
• 1 field visit to the NES carried out. Key recommendations are provided.
• Integration of resilience/recovery planning, response and reporting in the health sector is established. Standing item on the agenda of national health sector coordination meetings in Damascus.
• 6 Flash updates on attacks on health care produced.
• Complete mapping of the provision of services in the health sector (mobile medical teams, fixed health points) via all the operational centers developed.
• Regular updates provided to HCT and ISC upon request and as needed.
• Updated website:

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