Let the great French fries debate begin as readers step in



DEAR SUN SPOTS: My son and I had lunch together yesterday and were discussing the topic of where the best fries can be found in Sun Spots Land. We thought it would be fun to write and ask other readers for their opinion, then we’ll take a tour and taste them.

It will be hard work, but we feel up to the challenge and we will be sure to report back! —Henry, no town

REPLY: Seems like a fun project to me and I wish I had thought about it myself. I hope we get a lot of answers to the great French fries debate.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for shuttle transfer options from West Maine to Portland International Airport, then back home in the spring.

Your column is the first thing I read every morning. Thanks for all you’ve done! – Kathy, no town

REPLY: I have often needed this service and wish it had been more readily available. It would be wonderful if someone in Sun Spots Land who lives near you offered to be your driver for a reasonable price that includes compensation for their time and gas.

Portland International Jetport has information on shuttle services here: https://www.airportshuttles.com/portlandpwm.php. There is a form where you can enter your departure and arrival information to see if the service covers your area.

On this site: https://www.ifly.com/airports/portland-international-jetport-airport/airport-shuttles# there are listings for Portland International Jetport “door to door” shuttles. They can cost $ 100 or more and not cover your city, but it’s worth making a few phone calls.

You can also check out Uber or Lyft drivers.

I would like to hear from readers who have had to make these arrangements in the past. What works best for you?

DEAR POINTS DE SOLEIL: I would like to have sewing lessons with a local seamstress. I am looking to resume sewing after a 30 year hiatus and would be happy to pay a reasonable hourly rate for instructions. – Marie, no city

REPLY: Contact Hobby Lobby (782-6026) or JOANN Fabrics (783-1066) to see if they know anyone or offer classes at the moment. I saw that JOANN’s offers a subscription through Creative Bug for online courses that seem fun and easy. Since you have some experience, this might be all you need to hone your skills.

Another option is to contact the home economics teacher at the local high school or take a look at your local adult education directory to see what there is.

If you are a senior member of the community, SeniorsPlus (795-4010) is another resource.

I would love to hear from anyone who teaches sewing and would like to let our readers know. It is a wonderful skill to have. In fact, the Rolodex list of sewing, quilting and knitting classes and supply sources needs to be refreshed, so drop us a line with your favorite stores, online resources, and people who help you when you go. need modifications, repairs to sewing machines and knitting supplies. I will collect them and share them as a “textile aid”.

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