Kids using PC or phone search bars forget about real folders and file managers


Students who enroll in engineering and physics classes in college are actually learning about files and folders on a computer because they are truly oblivious to what they really are.

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First reported by the edge, that might surprise most of us PC users of the 80s and 90s, where Windows Explorer has been all of our lives. However, kids today haven’t really learned how to use it, since most of them just looked for the file they wanted and it was presented to them within seconds.

The systems of yesteryear encouraged the use of a folder system that separated files according to many categories and types of files. Today we have the ‘Find’ bar which really makes it easy to find the files we need, and the kids have made the most of it, while completely ignoring the folder system we grew up with.

Peter Plavchan, associate professor of physics and astronomy at George Mason University, told The Verge: “The students had these computers in my lab; they will have a thousand files on their desks completely disorganized. I’m kind of an obsessive organizer. … but they have no problem having 1000 files in the same directory. And I think that’s fundamental due to a change in the way we access files. “

The search bar trend started around 1990 when Windows Search and Spotlight (early 2000s) on macOS were introduced. After that, the Google and Android user experience also had their own versions of the search bar.

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Saavik Ford, professor of astronomy at Borough of Manhattan Community College who claims to have used the filesystem all his life (much like most of us), exclaimed: “There is no such thing as a design. that there is a place where the files live. They seek it out and evoke it. They have a laundry basket full of laundry, and they have a robot that will get them every item of clothing they want on demand.

He added that these kids were smart, but figuring out the records system for them was a challenge: “They are smart kids. They do astrophysics. They get stuff. But they didn’t understand it.

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These educators tried to train the children to understand the records system, but they failed to master it. Plavchan concluded by stating that this trend will not go away and it will not be possible to return to the current situation, and that they do not have the option to accept this folderless file system as the new standard. and move on to.

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