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Theron Brooks channels his baking passions with Cake Joy

Screenwriter / Renée Larr
Photographer / Amy Payne

Growing up in Indianapolis, Theron Brooks found great joy in cooking and baking, especially desserts. She would watch baking shows on Food Network and encourage that love of baking. It always intrigued her and baking was always at the back of her mind as her other aspirations grew.

In April 2020, Brooks was supposed to go on a trip to celebrate her long-awaited 30th birthday. Unfortunately, the trip was cancelled, along with her birthday cake. So Brooks decided to take matters into her own hands and bake her own birthday cake.

I did my research, bought all the tools and ingredients I would need, and got to work,” says Brooks. I already had a passion for baking, so I thought I could do it. I thought it went pretty well for the first time, so I posted it on my social media. I got so many comments saying I should do this more often.

She made cakes for moms day fathers day and friendsbirthdays in the following weeks. A friend from high school asked Brooks to make her daughters birthday cake, and offered to pay for it. She realized that she had more than enough experience to open her own bakery. As of December 2020, Cake Joy was up and running.

Prospective customers submit inquiries through the Brooks website. She reaches out to discuss flavors, design and size to create a truly personalized creation. Brooks, a resident of Geist, has clients all over Indianapolis, including Geist, Fishers and Carmel.

One thing that separates Cake Joy is that they are truly one-of-a-kind, fully customizable cakes,” says Brooks. When someone contacts me with questions about a cake, we work together to find inspiration. Sometimes they tell me they don’tI don’t care too much about design and trust me to come up with something beautiful, which is really fun.

It offers 14 different cake flavors, from classic favorites like vanilla and chocolate to lesser-known flavors like banana, coffee, and pina colada. It also offers 14 different cake toppings, including vanilla, chocolate, mocha, strawberry, lemon buttercream, caramel cream, apricot and more.

Joy CakeOne of the first wedding cakes I made had a maple bacon topping,” says Brooks. Actually, I put bacon in it. In my head, I thought, “This wedding cake contains pork,” but it was very well received. II want to try whatever the customer wants. »

Brooks specializes in designing buttercream using Swiss Meringue Buttercream. ThisIt’s made by whisking egg whites with sugar to make a thick meringue, then whisking in butter. This makes the buttercream extraordinarily light and fluffy.

Cake prices vary based on size, ingredients and details. Brooks says she’s leaving pricing open at a base price, depending on how much work the cake will take.

During his short tenure, the producers of The Good Dish” discovered Brooks and her custom cakes through her social media presence. She was approached to take part in their recurring segment, “The Great American Dish Off”.

They contacted me to enter a slab dessert contest,” says Brooks. It wasn’t specifically about cakes, but I thought it would be a great experience becausenational TV, great marketing for Cake Joy and overall good experience.”

Brooks submitted her recipe for her Bourbon Peach Cinnamon Crunch bar. The episode was filmed in March and aired in April. She saw an increase in her online traffic almost immediately. The show aired at different times in different parts of the country, and she could see when viewers in those locations were watching the show based on clicks on the website.

Joy CakeMy engagement went up about 200% within a day or a few hours of the episode airing, so it was really interesting to see,” Brooks says. I’ve had people contact me via Instagram, and even a few who contacted the recipe featured on “The Good Dish.”

For now, Cake Joy is a passion project for Brooks. She currently works at Faegre Drinker as communication manager. SheShe is also the full-time wife of Courtney Brooks and the mother of Athen Brooks.

I like that it’s more of a hobby than my full-time business,” says Brooks. I love the flexibility of taking cakes around what’s going on with my family that particular weekend. Maybe II will change my mind in five years and I will want a showcase, but II’m not quite there yet. I am delighted with the place where II am currently and how much Cake Joy has grown since I started.

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