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Are you a Blackfeet Nation producer, artisan or artist and want the community to access your products more easily? You can list your business in the recently updated Blackfeet Nation Producer Directory!

The Directory is a list of Blackfeet Nation producers and their contact information, as well as an interactive online map to help customers find the business throughout the Blackfeet Nation. The Producer Directory is the result of a partnership between the Blackfeet Agricultural Resource Management Plan and the Piikani Health Lodge Institute, and funding from the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council and the Native American Agriculture Fund.

One of the primary missions of these organizations is to provide the Blackfeet Nation with the means to control its access to healthy, sustainably produced and culturally relevant food, as well as to promote Blackfeet artists. This Producer Directory project aims to support producers and artisans in our community as part of this mission to achieve food sovereignty and support small businesses.

“We have pastoralists, farmers and artisans, all of whom produce high quality products. However, due to the lack of a local market, it can be intimidating to know where to start or who to go to for locally produced goods, ”says Alice McNamara, project manager and member of the Blackfeet ARMP team. “The Blackfeet Nation Producer Directory aims to bridge this gap between producers and consumers and generate a market for local produce. “

The current version of the Blackfeet Nation Producer Directory is available online, but this is an evolving project. Anyone interested in having their company and products listed is encouraged to contact us to be added. Simply call the ARMP team at (406) 338-7521 ext 2370 or email Alice McNamara (

So far, the directory includes producers of beef, bison, pork, rabbits, fresh produce, honey, coffee, craft supplies and homemade products like jams and sauces and is growing. to offer more artisanal art. The producer’s name and phone number are listed with their products to make it easy to find.

This updated producer directory has a new, easier-to-use map and all phone numbers reconfirmed. The old version of the directory has already been a success. If a community member or someone passing through the area wants to purchase something grown, raised, or made in the Blackfeet Nation, they can easily use the directory to find who is selling it.

The Blackfeet Food Access and Sustainability team used the directory this year to get local Evans Ranch bison for their nutrition education class.

Mackenzie Sachs, Dietitian for FAST Blackfeet, explains, “The directory has been very helpful. We wanted to buy local bison for our class, but we knew the grocery store didn’t sell bison meat. So we took a look at the Blackfeet Producers Directory and found that Evans Ranch breeds bison here, just north of Browning! Once we made contact they actually donated the meat for our project which was amazing. ”

If you would like your business to be added, or know of a business that should be added to the Blackfeet Nation Producer Directory, or if you want a printable version of the Directory, simply call (406) 338-7521 ext 2370 or email email Alice McNamara at The team will then contact these producers and add them if they are interested. To view the producer directory map, you can find it on the Blackfeet ARMP Facebook where there will be a link to the map and directory.

Notice to breeders!

ELAP (Livestock, Bee and Fish Emergency Assistance Program) will pay up to $ 6.60 per mile loaded for cattle hay, but you MUST purchase it BEFORE the 12/31/2021. The Blood Tribe Forage Plant has hay available at a very affordable price. Their number is 1-403-737-3496. If you would like step-by-step help obtaining hay from the Blood Tribe Forage Mill, contact the Blackfeet Nation Stock Growers Association by emailing They will send you their guide to help you with the documents you need before transporting the hay across the Canadian border.

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