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Westfield Farmers’ Market moves to Grand Junction Plaza

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The Westfield Farmers Market started in 2009 as a Friday night market in the parking lot of First Merchants Bank. After several years it outgrew space, so it was briefly moved downtown before becoming a Saturday morning market. When the decision was made to build Grand Junction Plaza, one of the reasons for building a beautiful six-acre park in the center of Westfield was to eventually hold the Farmers’ Market there. Finally, after almost 10 years of planning, the market makes its debut at Grand Junction Plaza. Proximity to the market with the trails, downtown and Park Street make it a great location.

“Last week we had 100 more people who didn’t know the market was happening but walked around to check it out,” said Steve Latour, chief executive of the Westfield Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Westfield Association. .

In 2010, the Downtown Westfield Association became responsible for the Farmer’s Market. When they took it over, they did a survey and found that many nearby towns held farmers’ markets on Saturdays. Add to that the fact that Grand Park is always busy on Saturdays, and the decision was made to change the market to Thursday night.

“On Saturdays you get all the out-of-town guests, and while that might be great, the mayor and staff wanted something the residents could feel like their own,” says Latour. . “Plus, Thursday is a wonderful way to start the weekend.”

All of the vendors who attended the market last year said their sales were double what they did on Saturday, and it looks like the switch was a good move. Another bonus for a Thursday event is the opportunity for the whole family to participate, since the weekends are notoriously filled with children’s sporting events, weddings, graduation parties and other activities. Often families walk to the market and then dine on Park Street.

The Westfield Farmers Market, which has about two dozen vendors, focuses on food and drink. For example, they have a frozen meat business that sells bacon, sausages, and pork tenderloin, as well as a baker that offers fresh cakes and breads weekly. Another company sells charcuterie boards. There’s even a vendor that sells all kinds of desserts that incorporate marshmallows. This year, however, additional vendors include two companies that sell pet products and treats, and another that sells handwoven baskets from Africa.

The summer Farmer’s Market season runs every Thursday from 5-8 p.m. until September 1. There is live music every week, featuring various up-and-coming local musicians. Also, on the first Thursday of every month, they host the Market Concert Series from 6-8 p.m. On those evenings, various food trucks are also on site.Westfield Farmer's Market

According to Latour, there are at least 300 parking spaces, all within a five-minute walk of the square. On Thursday evenings during the farmers’ market, a shuttle is made available to citizens thanks to a partnership with the city.

Visit and click on the “Farmers Market” tab for parking information, a full list of vendors and more.

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