Initiative Launches Media Diversity Directory at Forgotten Upfronts


Initiative launched a National Diversity Media Directory to coincide with its inaugural Forgotten Upfronts, a platform for publishers who cater to niche audiences to showcase their offerings.

The Diversity Directory is an open source website for the media industry to search and contact publishers.

The first Forgotten Upfronts attracted a large audience yesterday.

“We were blown away by the industry response to this event,” said Chris Colter, Initiative Director of Strategy.

“The fact that over 500 of Australia’s leading marketers, publishers and agencies are joining our Forgotten Upfronts is a testament to the importance we all see in breaking our marketing biases. The feedback has been incredible and we look forward to welcoming many more in the future.

The Forgotten Upfronts featured four companies:

Begins at age 60, which exists to connect brands with digitally savvy +55s, showed how they evolve from a media publisher to a content and commerce ecosystem. Featured by their baby boomer market, they offer brands direct opportunities to capitalize on one of Australia’s wealthiest audiences.

NITV, highlighted a series of first-rate integration program launches and opportunities for First Nations, such as Yokayi Football, Mob Breakfast and the Ernie Dingo travel show “Places to go», Back with four new First Nations hosts.

Boomtown reminded marketers that all of the masts and solutions they see on the subways are available in regional / rural Australia, while also showcasing a suite of workshops and open source planning tools to change perceptions of media habits of regional Australians.

S&J shared emerging opportunities to target Australian Chinese audiences on Chinese streaming, social and business channels, while announcing their multicultural premium network – enabling marketers to personalize engagement with over 57 different nationalities.

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