How to increase FPS in Lost Ark?


Lost ark features a beautiful art style and an interactive gaming experience that has captured the hearts of many MMO players, but good graphics can come at a cost. Players with outdated parts may experience low frame rates while playing Lost Ark, or gamers can look to push a few more frames and unlock the full potential of their high refresh rate monitor.

While the maximum number of images you can have in Lost ark will highly depend on your material, you can try several ways to see if you can get some additional images.

Here’s how to increase your FPS by Lost ark.

Make sure your Windows settings are optimized for gaming

Windows tries to make the game as fun as possible for gamers by providing all the tools needed to record epic moments or additional performance settings that they can tweak. While the latter will prove useful, the former can introduce performance issues. This means that there are some Windows settings that you will want to enable while others need to be disabled for the best gaming experience.

Activate game mode

The game mode setting wasn’t at its best at launch, but it has come a long way since then. You should enable it for better gaming experience, as it will allow your system to focus more on providing the best performance in the game.

  • Click on the Start menu and choose the cog icon to display the settings.
  • Select the Games section and find Game Mode in the sidebar that will be on your left.
  • Activate game mode.

Disable Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar is one of those Windows features that you might need to turn off even if it has the best of intentions. It’s located in the same directory as Game Mode, so you’ll need to navigate to the game section in settings.

Once you’re there, find the Xbox Game Bar in the sidebar, turn it off completely, and turn off background recording.

Enable hardware accelerated GPU schedule (NVIDIA GPU only)

Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling is a handy feature that can reduce CPU work while reducing latency. This feature is only available for NVIDIA GPUs and can be found in Graphics Settings located in Display Settings.

You can access your display settings by going to Settings and selecting System.

Keep your drivers up to date

Although this rarely happens, gamers can suffer from low frames due to driver errors which can only be fixed with new updates. This means that keeping your drivers up to date is the best way to avoid these types of situations, as the developers do their best to deploy fixes as soon as possible.

NVIDIA and AMD notify their users whenever a new driver is available for their card, but you can also go to their dedicated pages for driver updates and check if there is a new driver that you can upgrade to. day.

Activate High performance mode

If your PC is trying to use its power as efficiently as possible, you may be sacrificing some of your potential performance. You’ll want your PC to use all the power it has while gaming, and turning on high performance mode will allow you to do just that.

Click the Start button and type Power Settings. If you have not made any adjustments there before, Balanced mode will be active. Switch it to High Performance mode and you can always put it back in Balanced mode when you’re done playing.

Discover the control panel of your graphics card

AMD and NVIDIA GPUs have their own control panels where gamers can customize the performance settings of their graphics cards. Players can access these control panels by right clicking on an empty space on their desk, and the control panel setting should be listed as one of the menu items. Once inside, the tooltips under each setting should be enough to make any necessary performance adjustments.

If you’re unfamiliar with the settings or can’t decide what might be best for games, it’s also possible to find guides that may even be suitable for certain games. You can search the web for a Control Panel guide for your GPU model and follow these steps to customize your graphics card for the best performance.

Adjust your game settings

Image via Smilegate

The real way to gain more frames will be by adjusting your game settings. While Windows settings are also useful, they won’t have the same impact.

To throw Lost ark and go to your in-game video settings to make the following adjustments.

Video settings

  • Texture quality: low / medium
  • Shade quality: low
  • Character quality: low / medium
  • Particle quality: low
  • Antialiasing: weak / disabled
  • Flowering effect: disabled
  • Rocket effect: disabled
  • Distortion effect: off
  • Motion blur: disabled

If you are looking for high average images, it will be best to keep your video settings between medium and low. While the difference between low and medium will be negligible in some parameters like texture and character quality, the difference will be greater for shadows and particles.

Shadows and particles use more resources than other graphics settings, and setting them to low allows players to gain more frames. If you have played with higher settings, Lost ark will look worse after making the adjustments, but the performance boost will be worth it if you’re struggling to get more frames.

Disabling best depth of field and indirect shadows is also recommended for players looking to achieve the best possible performance.

All of the above steps should increase your footage, but if you’re still using sub-optimal footage, you might have no choice but to upgrade your gaming rig to newer hardware. . Even if you keep your gaming PC in good shape over the years by cleaning it up, there will come a time when it will be too old to run some of the next-gen titles. As game developers try to seize every opportunity to provide a better experience for gamers, gamers will also have to keep pace at some point to enjoy the new games.

If you are looking to get more performance for your money, you can try building your own system instead of buying a prebuilt PC. When building a gaming rig, you can choose all of the most profitable products for each location, lowering your overall cost.

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