How to Fix Windows Might be Installed in an Unsupported Directory Error

For users who have Windows 10 and Windows 11, there have been multiple occurrences of an error, more specifically displayed as “Windows may be installed in an unsupported directory”. This error mostly appears in situations where you are installing, upgrading or reinstalling your Windows 10 or Windows 11. Here is how to fix the error Windows may be installed in an unsupported directory.

How to fix Windows may be installed in an unsupported directory

The area of ​​concern is yet another related issue and that is the pop-up that says “You cannot keep Windows settings, personal files and apps because your current version of Windows may be installed in an unsupported directory in charge”. Do not worry, because we are going to present you a list of ways to get out of this obstacle.

Fix #1 – Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

For most people, there is some rudimentary Windows Update component issue, which is a necessary component during the clean install or upgrade process. So, troubleshooting through Windows Update Troubleshooter creates a reasonable solution.

To continue, launch the Windows Update Troubleshooter, press Windows + R keys together, this will launch the “Run dialog box” > type “control” in the text box of the dialog box and press Enter to open Control Panel > in the search bar of the control panel window type “troubleshoot” > click “Troubleshoot” > click “Fix problems with Windows updates under System and security” > press “Next” > after finding a suitable fix, click on “Apply this fix”. Finally, perform the appropriate manual tasks of the presented solutions. Restart your PC and the error Windows could be installed in an unsupported directory will be fixed. Install the failed update again and it will install without any errors.

Fix #2 – Disable/Uninstall Antivirus

Often, third party antivirus software tends to create issues and errors. So, disabling or uninstalling it would be a wise option in such cases. It’s quite simple to disable a third-party security option directly from the security suite’s system tray icon. To uninstall, press Windows key + R > type “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter > this will launch the “Programs and Features” menu > click “Yes”. Enter the “Programs and Files” menu, choose the third-party firewall suite to remove, right-click on it and finally click “Uninstall”. To put the finishing touches on the uninstallation process, follow the additional instructions. Finally, restart your computer.

Fix #3 – Move User Folder Back

Under certain circumstances, the ‘user’ folder is not in its expected place. This leads to an error like “Windows may be installed in an unsupported directory”. To fix this problem, you will need to move the “user” folder to its proper location. To follow these steps, press Windows key + E and “File Explorer” will open. See where the “Users” folder is saved, right-click on it and click “Cut”. Paste it into the operating system drive (C:), right-click on an empty space, and finally, click “Paste”. This will fix the error.

That’s it for our fixes for Windows could be installed in unsupported directory error. If you are having errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, also check our hub for common PC errors and their fixes.

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