How to Convert PDFs to Ebooks for Your Amazon Kindle E-Reader

After purchasing one of the best Kindle e-readers, it’s only natural that you want to load it up with your favorite books. If you read primarily on a PC or smartphone before purchasing the Kindle, you undoubtedly have a large collection of PDFs and other documents. The good news is that you can import your PDF books to your Kindle without any problem. Kindle supports a variety of file extensions, including PDF. But there is a catch. PDFs aren’t the best reading experience on a Kindle. You can’t change the font size or typeface, and most of the time you’ll squint and strain your eyes, dissolving the benefits of the Kindle experience. The good news is that you can easily convert your PDFs to Kindle supported ebook format for better reading experience.

When it comes to converting PDFs to ebooks, you have several options. You can ask Amazon to convert it for you or get help from third-party apps or online tools. Let us guide you through the best options and tools to get the job done.

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The easiest way: Use Amazon’s Send to Kindle service

The easiest and fastest way to convert a PDF to an ebook format your Kindle can understand is to use Amazon’s Send to Kindle service. You just email your PDF file to Amazon, and it does the heavy lifting, converting your file to EPUB format and then automatically sending it to your Kindle device and digital library. Here’s how.

Before you begin, you’ll need to know your Kindle email address where you’ll be sending your PDF file. Your Kindle email is different from the email address associated with your Amazon account. If you’re not sure, follow the steps in this guide to get the Kindle email address and come back here.

  • From your smartphone or PC, compose a new email and attach the PDF file you want to send to your Kindle.
  • Address the email to your Kindle email.
  • In the subject line, write “Convert” and nothing more. Don’t put anything in the body either.

Gmail compose mode with a PDF attachment

  • Press send.
  • The conversion may take some time depending on the file size, so please be patient.
  • Your converted file will automatically appear on your Kindle once it is processed.
  • If there was a problem with the conversion, Amazon would notify you via email.

It’s the most convenient way, but it’s not foolproof. It does not work well with all PDF files, and you may experience formatting issues and other issues. Fortunately, there are other ways to convert PDFs with a higher success rate.

Caliber: the best on the market

Caliber is a powerful open-source e-book manager that lets you convert your books, files, and documents to many different formats, including EPUB and MOBI. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your e-book and file conversion needs. When you convert a file using Caliber, you get a lot more control over the final output. You can specify the output device for which you are converting the file. This allows Caliber to optimize the document for your particular device. You can convert multiple files at once, edit metadata, change appearance including base font size, and much more.

Caliber device selection window

  • On the next screen, you will be asked if you want your converted books to be automatically emailed to your Kindle. Follow the instructions to set up email delivery. Otherwise, move on to the next one.

Email delivery option in Caliber

  • Once on the home screen, click on the green “Add books” button located in the upper left corner.

Caliber home screen

  • Navigate to the directory where you stored your PDF file and select it.
  • Right click on the book and select Convert Books > Convert Individually. Or click the “Convert books” button on the toolbar.

Caliber Book Conversion Screen

  • Change the output format to EPUB. See if you want to change other settings like layout, font size, page layout, style, etc.

Caliber output format selection screen

  • Now click the “OK” button in the lower right corner to start converting the file. Click the “Jobs” button to see the conversion status and progress.
  • If it’s a small PDF, your converted file will be processed and ready in no time. When processing larger, image-heavy, and complex PDF files, the file may take several minutes to process.
  • Your converted ebooks are saved in the “Calibre” folder. Or you can manually save the file to another folder/directory using the “Save to Disk” option.

Online ebook conversion

Online Ebook is a free web-based PDF to EPUB converter. If Send to Kindle doesn’t work and you don’t want to download a dedicated app like Calibre, this is the best tool to quickly turn your PDFs into Kindle-readable EPUB format. It’s very easy to use.

  • Go to Online e-book converter.
  • Click Choose Files to upload the PDF file. You can also drag and drop or select the file from your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Online Epub Converter Home Screen

  • Press “Start” to start the conversion.
  • Your file will automatically download once converted. If not, click the download button.

What about MOBI and AZW files?

Amazon no longer supports MOBI, AZW, and AZW3 formats. If you have books in these formats, you’ll need to convert them to EPUB or another supported format before sending them to your Kindle. You can do this using Caliber or online file converters. Existing MOBI or AZW books stored on your Kindle will work just fine, but you won’t be able to take advantage of the new Kindle features for documents.


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Although Kindle supports PDF files, it often doesn’t provide the best reading experience. Not to mention, you’ll miss the ability to change the font, style, and other features. If you have a large collection of PDF files, convert it to EPUB format using one of the methods presented in this article. Send to Amazon Kindle is the easiest way to convert PDF to EPUB. But it’s not foolproof, and you may encounter formatting issues or, in the worst case, end up with a file with gibberish text. Caliber is your best bet for converting PDFs to an ebook format like EPUB and MOBI. I’ve converted hundreds of ebooks for my Kindle Paperwhite without any issues. The user interface might look convoluted and a bit intimidating if you’re using it for the first time, but you’re unlikely to find an ebook file converter as powerful and feature-rich as Caliber.

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