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GT trucks are driven by customer satisfaction

Screenwriter / Matt Keating
Photographer / Daren Short

Matt Gritten, co-owner of GT Carts in Cicero, says employees at the high-quality golf cart company go out of their way to make sure customers love their carts.

“We believe there are many factors that set us apart from our competitors,” says Gritten, co-owner of GT Carts with his brother Ben. “The main thing is customer service. Our business philosophy is very simple. Take care of people and they will take care of you. We believe that if we do the right thing and tell the truth to our customers, the rest will take care of itself.

GT Carts, which also has a location in Monticello, has earned a solid reputation for selling top notch custom and recreational golf carts.

“Another advantage we have is selection,” says Gritten. “Nobody wants to wait to get what they want if they don’t have to. Our selection of in-stock carts, parts and accessories sets us apart from nearly all of our competitors in the Midwest. To keep build times to a minimum and offer the widest selection possible, we stock hundreds of new and used carts, as well as an extensive inventory of parts and accessories. This is especially important in this time of production constraints and extended wait times for almost everything.

GT Carts also uses quality parts, mostly from the original equipment manufacturer.

“We have direct access to EZ-GO’s in-house mechanical technicians and years of diagnostic experience,” says Gritten. “We take great pride in our work and help our customers meet all of their needs, big or small. »

The company’s carts are built for many purposes.

“We build carts for multiple uses and applications – recreation, police, utilities, property management, hunting, beverage and food, campgrounds, and theme carts, to name a few,” says Gritten. “Most of the carts we build are customized to some degree. Whether a customer is buying a new or used cart, they will usually ask us to customize the cart in some way. Often what we have on the showroom floor will be used as a starting point for how they want their cart to be built. The options and accessories available for golf carts are endless. Our job is simply to help the client understand what they want and build it for them.GT Trolleys

Gritten adds that GT Carts has an excellent team of mechanics, painters, assemblers and attendants.

“We’re as proud as can be of the people who make up GT Carts,” he says. “In addition to being good at what they do for us, they are good people. We are very fortunate to have extremely hardworking, dedicated people who have shown loyalty to our business and our customers. At a time when businesses around the world are crying out for help, we’ve retained our employees and even added a few more. That says a lot about our people. Hopefully that says a bit more about our company.

Gritten notes that some people use golf carts to regain their freedom and independence.

“We’ve built a lot of carts for people who are elderly or disabled, who can’t drive a car, but can drive a golf cart legally,” he says.

The street legality of golf carts in Indiana is determined by city ordinances.

“Owners’ golf carts allow them to get out and do their own shopping, visit friends, and drive to the park or their favorite fishing hole,” says Gritten. “In these cases, golf carts can restore independence to those who have lost some of it. They can also offer more independence to those who would otherwise never get the freedom they desire.

GT Carts also has tips on its website for operating the carts.

“One of the purposes of our website, in addition to listing what we have for sale, is to provide useful information,” says Gritten. “Really, we have a lot of work to do in this department. In fact, one of our goals for this year is to better develop the content of our website and better keep it up to date. Currently, the vast majority of carts we build never make it to the internet. »

GT Carts also won a few awards. GT Trolleys

“GT Carts received the 2020 Dealer of the Year award from EZ-GO in the Midwest,” says Gritten. “EZ-GO has yet to award the awards for 2021. We hope for a repeat performance. We finished 2021 as the largest EZ-GO dealership in the Midwest and fourth in the United States for new cart sales.

For more information on GT Carts, call 317-606-8679 or visit

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