Google Assistant no longer has a light theme on Android 13

The Assistant UI uses the dark theme by default, even if you have disabled it in the settings.

Earlier this year, some users noticed that the Google Assistant UI changed to dark theme on Android 13 devices, even when the dark theme option was disabled in the device settings. Google has now confirmed that this change is intentional and Assistant no longer has a clear theme on Android 13.

In a recent update on IssueTracker related to this change, a Googler revealed that Google Assistant will always appear in a dark theme on devices running Android 13, regardless of the selected system theme. The comment says: “Google Assistant regularly tries out new ideas to see what works and what could work better. This includes how to make our products consistent across our product ecosystem. To provide a more useful visual experience across all your devices , including Pixel Watch and Google TV, when interacting with the assistant on mobile, light mode is no longer available – it will now look dark, even if dark theme is disabled in your phone settings.”

In addition to the Google Assistant UI, the Quick Settings panel also has a dark background on Android 13 devices when the dark theme is disabled. While these changes won’t affect users who prefer to use the dark theme all the time, those who prefer the light theme or use the schedule option to enable the dark theme are understandably annoyed by the inconsistent implementation. Currently, there is no way to force Assistant to switch to the light theme on Android 13 devices and Google has no plans to roll back this change either.

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Source: Google Issue Tracker

Going through: Mishaal Rahman

Thanks to XDA Senior Member Some_Random_Username for the tip!

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