Fylde Coast Services Directory Health Review

A review of the FYi Services Directory is underway with the local NHS asking users what they think now that it has been online for five years.

The FYi Directory provides a comprehensive listing of over 3,000 local services, support groups, childcare providers and activities. The site was launched in 2017 as a partnership between Fylde Coast NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Blackpool Council. In those five years, it averaged 280,000 visits per year, but clinical commissioning groups are now asking if it’s still fit for purpose.

Dr Neil Hartley-Smith, Clinical Director of both Fylde Coast CCGs, said: “The FYi Directory is an invaluable tool for those involved in health and social care delivery and the general public. It’s a great place to research bands and clubs to join or new hobbies to try on the Fylde Coast. In the NHS, we use the directory to help patients find something that will improve their health and well-being. We want to make sure it still appeals to people and is easy to use. Blackpool Council uses it to provide information on local supply for people with special needs and to list trusted traders.

“There have been many changes to the directory over the years as we move to different web hosts and grow the site to meet other needs. We also expect many changes within the NHS over the next few years. years, with primary care networks seeking greater involvement in the community and social prescribing becoming more common in the fight to prevent long-term conditions. It is only fitting that we update the directory as part of our due diligence and ensure that it is still fit for purpose.

Take the survey here: FYi Directory Review 2022 (fyldecoastccgs.nhs.uk)

There is also an option in the survey to sign up for focus groups.

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