Forest fire smoke advisory


(PLACEVILLE, CA) – Air quality in El Dorado County is again intermittently affected by smoke from wildfires in the area. County health officials are reminding residents to be prepared to respond if smoke from a wildfire affects areas where they live, work and play.

According to Dave Johnston, El Dorado County Air Pollution Control Officer, and Nancy Williams, Public Health Officer, wildfires can produce smoke that causes health problems, especially in children. the elderly and people with heart or respiratory diseases. They advise residents to limit outdoor activities if they see or smell smoke.

Additional precautions include the following:

  • Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible
  • Do indoor activities and delay strenuous exercise outdoors until the smoke has cleared
  • Children and the elderly should avoid outdoor activities, especially prolonged outdoor exercise
  • People with heart, respiratory or chronic conditions should stay indoors
  • Leave smoke-affected areas until conditions improve, if possible
  • Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water to keep the airways moist
  • Minimize the creation of particles indoors (avoid smoking cigarettes, grilling, vacuuming, burning candles and incense)
  • Set your home and car air conditioners to recirculation mode
  • Consider creating a “clean room” at home by running an indoor air purifier and keeping windows and doors to the room closed.
  • Limit outdoor pet activities

Although non-HEPA masks can help reduce the spread of viruses and filter out larger particles, they do not filter out fine particles in wildfire smoke. Information on masks and smoking can be found at

During this fire season, El Dorado County may continue to experience intermittent wildfire smoke. Smoke conditions can change quickly and vary widely in El Dorado County due to terrain, wind direction, and weather conditions.

The El Dorado County Air Quality Management District (AQMD) has deployed more than 50 Purple Air monitors throughout the county to gather real-time, location-specific air quality information. ‘air. Residents can view this information in our area and the location of wildfires by visiting and

For more information on air quality issues in El Dorado County, please visit the AQMD website at: The AQMD also has a web page dedicated to information on wildfire smoke and preventive measures:

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