Focus on the UC Hospitality case study: Avaya and the old mill

All businesses rely heavily on good communication to keep teams working efficiently and processes running smoothly. However, few industries are more aware of the demand for exceptional communication and collaboration than the hospitality sector.

In the hospitality landscape, employees across different environments need to stay in sync, informed, and empowered to deliver exceptional guest experiences. The right UC solution can mean the difference between success and failure for these brands.

When Toronto’s exclusive day spa and luxury hotel ‘The Old Mill’ decided their existing communications strategy just wasn’t meeting expectations, they turned to Avaya for a flexible, scalable alternative. and nimble.

Let’s find out how Avaya and The Old Mill worked together.

Communication Stack Upgrade

Known for hosting everything from beautiful business meetings to dream weddings, the Old Mill in Toronto welcomes thousands of guests a month. To serve these customers, the company knew it needed to upgrade its old-school PBX communications solution.

While the old platform could meet the majority of business needs, it was nearing end of life and out of warranty, making it more difficult to obtain spare parts. The hotel decided to move to a more flexible, scalable, cloud-based alternative in Avaya IP Office.

In an effort to create a powerful engagement experience for employees and customers, The Old Mill selected the IP Office platform. The solution is already integrated with the company’s existing accounting software and property management software. This made it easy to quickly deploy the new solution.

Additionally, since Avaya’s IP Office can support hybrid analog and digital phone lines, the company was able to upgrade its phones over a phased migration period. The Old Mill was also able to reduce maintenance and support costs. Prior to IP Office, a problem with the switch required the network administrator to sort a group of wires one by one. With Avaya, everything is accessible via a computer screen.

By simplifying day-to-day network administration, IP Office minimized IT headaches and enabled The Old Mill to access all users’ accounts on one site from a dedicated web interface. Now, whenever an employee changes position or department, the administrator can simply transfer their position to a new office through the web.

Even troubleshooting is easier with IP Office to tie everything together and align with existing team management software.

Ensure exceptional productivity

Given that many of the employees working with the Old Mill had been with the company for several years, the idea of ​​moving to a new communications platform was a bit worrying at first. However, Avaya’s inherent simplicity and the attractiveness of its various new features enabled staff to get up to speed quickly.

One of the favorite features was the “Visual Voice” solution, an IP Office feature that allowed users to access voicemail boxes using their phone screen, rather than following voice prompts. immediate users. Voicemail to Email – a setting that staff can turn on and receive automatic emails when voicemails have been recorded, saving users a lot of time.

In the past, if a user was offsite and received an urgent tech support call, they were forced to call one of their colleagues in the office and pass on the problem details verbatim to ensure a solution. However, voicemail to email now means users can email transcripts in seconds. This makes it easier to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly.

Additionally, the Old Mill sales team no longer has to worry about potentially missing important calls from prospects and customers when working off-site. Mobile twinning means that calls to the office phone can be forwarded to a smartphone simultaneously. This allows users to respond immediately, wherever they are.

Improved visibility and improved service

With over 250 employees in a multitude of different positions, The Old Mill is far from a standard commercial enterprise. There are roles for everything from administration and accounting, to reception and purchasing, to banquet management, kitchen staff, spa therapists, and more. With all of these employees handling various tasks throughout the property, ensuring end-to-end visibility was essential.

Prior to IP Office, when receptionists answered calls, they simply forwarded those calls to an extension, not knowing if the employee was in the office or available to take a call. This often meant calling several places in an office to find an available member of staff.

From now on, Avaya IP Officer Soft Console guarantees the receptionists of the Old Mill absolute visibility. These users can answer, route and manage incoming calls from their PC screen, while simultaneously viewing caller information, directory details and waiting calls, as well as the phone status of the company. Since every staff member of the company can be reached at one number in any location, it is easy to access professionals anywhere, anytime.

The Old Mill prefers that calls are handled personally by various areas of the business. However, depending on the time of year, some areas of the business may be busier than others. For example, the restaurant may have an influx of reservations on Mother’s Day, while the spa has more requests for gift cards during the holidays.

Avaya SoftConsole ensures that a network administrator can monitor call volumes in real time and minimize congestion issues. When an increase in calls to a specific area appears, the administrator can reduce the stress by adding staff from other areas, such as food service or reception, so that they can help as well.

Stay one step ahead

Investing in Avaya technology has provided The Old Mill with a great opportunity to improve productivity and efficiency levels while reducing costs. At the same time, through Avaya, the team has access to call center functionality that allows them to deliver a more responsive and personalized level of customer service at every touchpoint.

After initially creating a seamless engagement experience for employees and guests, The Old Mill decided to replace all analog phones left in the hotel with digital ones, to take full advantage of the scalability that IP Office could offer.

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