Erie’s mission to Black Wall Street is reflected in June 19 celebrations

June 19, 1865, better known as “Juneteenth,” marks the day enslaved black people in Galveston, Texas were freed because federal troops took over the state to secure their release. – which the state had failed to do, despite the Emancipation Proclamation signed two years prior. Black people celebrated this day with food, songs and learning new things such as their right to vote. Since then, Juneteenth has spread throughout the global diaspora as a celebration of freedom, progress, and black culture. June 16 has been celebrated in Erie for nearly a decade, and it has grown from a small celebration in a parking lot to events taking place across the city of Erie. Erie’s Black Wall Street is pleased to be involved and bring awareness to this important and necessary moment in our nation’s history, now a federal holiday.

Erie’s Black Wall Street is named in honor of the original Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Black Wall Street, also known as the Greenwood District, was one of the most prosperous black communities in the United States until a white mob burned it down in May 1921 on charges of attempted rape of a white woman by a black man. man, instead of allowing an official investigation. Erie’s Black Wall Street is committed to recreating the prosperity and unity that Tulsa’s Black Wall Street enjoyed before racial violence.

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Erie’s Black Wall Street mission is to serve as a vehicle for change and empowerment in Erie’s Black community by cultivating meaningful relationships, educating members, building social networks, and promoting integrity. black entrepreneurship. We see our mission accomplished with the June 19 celebrations taking place this week in Erie. The events, which may be organized by separate entities or groups, are supported and promoted by each respective group, showing a collaborative effort that has not been seen in recent years. The Black community in Erie is committed to building meaningful connections with one another, educating our community and the community as a whole, and celebrating and uplifting Black voices.

Erie’s Black Wall Street (EBWS) is proud to be in the midst of this renaissance in Erie. Being able to collaborate with OpenedEyes and Pineapple Eddie Southern Bistro on Friday, June 17, at a happy hour event that also serves as a way to connect Black business owners to local resources was a no-brainer and a vital need to start making those connections. we mentioned above. EBWS is also a sponsor of Gallery Night at the Erie Art Museum, also on Friday, June 17, where the community can enjoy an evening of art and great music from The Groove.

Then, partner with Erie’s Juneteenth Celebration and the Booker T. Washington Center for the block party on Saturday, June 18 in the 1200 block of State Street – complete with a bouncy house for the kids; live performances by local talent and the Breeze Band; more than 30 local black-owned vendors; and gifts – seemed like a great way to show unity within the black community.

After:Erie will celebrate June 19 with painting, networking, block parties, music and worship

There are also other great events happening all over the city! Ronnie’s Art from the Heart is hosting a Juneteenth Painting event on Tuesday June 14th. The Maker Mixers are hosting the Juneteenth “paint and sip” pregame on Wednesday, June 15 at the Flagship City Food Hall. Light Center Ministries is hosting a Juneteenth Festival on Saturday and Sunday June 18 and June 19 on Plum Street. Last, but not least, Woodard Dynasty Ent. is hosting a King Night supper/creation and painting for Father’s Day, Saturday, June 18.

Erie’s black community is delivering a Juneteenth week like never before! We invite the Erie community to come celebrate with us! You can find registration details for most events on Erie’s Black Wall Street Facebook page. You can also download Erie’s Black Wall Street mobile app available on Android and iOS platforms. It houses a directory of black-owned businesses, in-app networks, events, a blog and much more!

Kyra Taylor is the co-founder and executive director of Erie’s Black Wall Street.

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