Companies Get Visibility Through “CLT Black Owned”

CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Two black-owned businesses in the Charlotte area have joined forces to help other businesses succeed in the Carolinas. Project Amplify uses the power of social media to provide these businesses with free publicity and exposure.

BatteryXchange, a Concord-based company that creates cell phone chargers for public use, has partnered with a business directory called CLT Black-Owned to help create Project Amplify. Currently, the first phase of the project is underway and includes three businesses owned by black people in the area.

The TFC Barbell Club is one of the companies featured at the moment. The first brick-and-mortar location opened in early 2020 when a former warehouse was divided and sublet. The black-owned gym took over one of the spaces.

Owner Jess James has been a personal trainer since 2017. This is her first physical business. The opening of the gym was done naturally.

“I’ve been a weightlifter since I was 14, so one thing I knew about me was that I would definitely be in the health and wellness industry,” James said.

Much like a workout, getting to the point where she is now hasn’t come without some challenges.

“Any time you have a big business when you’re going to invest a lot of money when it comes to brick and mortar and overhead, you definitely get nervous, but to be successful you have to take big risks,” said James. .

The risk was greater than she imagined. Three weeks after opening, the gym closed during the COVID lockdown.

Now the gym is bouncing back as it is listed in the CLT Black-Owned Business Directory for free for a year. The plan is part of the Amplify project.

“Organizations like this are really good at exposing companies that aren’t really ahead in advertising and marketing,” James said.

Opportunities like Project Amplify allow new businesses to flourish, so owners can then share their experience with others just starting out. “I would say just start small. Take it piece by piece, take it day by day, don’t quit your job and just be smart about it. »

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