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Why join the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce? I’m glad you asked!

In August, I joined the Chamber team. My first introduction to the House was as a non-traditional student in a leadership program at Sheridan College. I remember attending my first House Breakfast, and it opened my eyes to the needs of businesses and the community. This event put me on a journey that made my heart grow every day for Sheridan County and all the layers that make us great.

But why share this story? Because during my time in the House, I learned of its relevance. When your business joins the Chamber, you are supported by a team and army of volunteers who not only care about your success, but also have the resources available to help you grow, network, connect and succeed.

The House brings all the warm fuzzies to the community. How not to congratulate the Christmas Walk? It’s like a Hallmark movie that’s hard to beat. Our loyal ambassadors are launching the Sheridan WYO Rodeo with the Boot Kick-Off to start the proven Rodeo Week. We bump our elbows at Whitney Commons over beers at the beloved annual Suds n ‘Spurs Brewfest. Let’s not forget our Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee which helps our 4-H youth achieve their goals every August when selling cattle.

2022 is going to be a great year. This is the year to really consider growing your business and your relationships. The Chamber is there to help you do that. A membership in the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce gives you access to promotional opportunities that are highly profitable and reach a large audience, which includes our members, the community, visitors and those looking to relocate.

Connection, connection, connection… the opportunities for this can be found on every corner across the House. We organize multiple networking opportunities to promote your business and your cause during our Business Before Hours, Business After Hours and Chamber breakfast programs.

At a time when almost all employers need to fill positions, the House can help. We make available a job board for members on our website at This page is one of our most visited pages and we frequently hear that employers find employees through our website.

I could brag about the Sheridan County House all day, but my team tells me that the word count in this article is exhausted. I don’t have a place to share with you our educational opportunities and our advocacy efforts, but what I want to highlight is that we have so many advantages. I would like to share them with you. The Chamber is the # 1 resource to defend your business and our community. Talk to me before the end of the year and we can still list your business in the 2022 Community Guide and Membership Directory.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a prosperous New Year.

Bobbi mitzel is Director of Member Relations for the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.


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