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A story

Church House is a fund and portfolio manager providing specialist services to individuals, financial professionals and institutions for over 20 years. We manage a range of six funds for use by advisers and asset managers and as “building blocks” of our private client portfolios managed on a discretionary basis.

With assets under management in excess of £ 1 billion, we have experienced significant growth without losing the key strengths of an independent and private business. Church House’s proposals are regularly reviewed and refined to ensure continued suitability for our professional and private clients. We have worked hard to maintain the stability that our customers and supporters value. Our primary objective is to provide investors with the returns they expect, without the shocks they fear, through risk management of funds and portfolio mandates.


What investors expect from a manager are stable returns and a reliable relationship. We support the wealth of generations and as such we always focus on what is best for the long term interests of our clients


Each investor will have a different goal, and as such, the path to prosperity varies from person to person. The same goes for charities and trustees that operate on different priorities. The constant is our offer of choice and flexibility


Expertise coupled with calm and thoughtful advice allows us to build the trust that helps investors and industry professionals make informed investment decisions.

To live

The company is the optimal blend of the wisdom gained over many years in investment management combined with new thinking from enthusiastic young practitioners

The architects of future prosperity

We combine a set of skills and strengths to support different proposals, which are carefully designed to meet the different needs of investors. Over time, our investment style has proven to deliver returns that meet expectations and, when paired with the highest quality service, our clients are reassured that their wealth is in good hands. .


  • Asset Management
  • Investment advice
  • Investment savings
  • Investor Relations

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