BuyBlack New Bedford’s support for black-owned businesses to continue in 2022

NEW BEDFORD – In 2021, Buy BlackNB presented nine vendor pop-ups to support black-owned businesses in the south coast. Trained during the Black Lives Matter events, the organization has even more impressive goals for 2022.

“The repertoire was a start,” said Justina Perry, Founder of BuyBlackNB, adding that she was proud of what the team created from scratch.

In creating the directory, Perry said he discovered more than 150 black-owned businesses on the South Coast and registered them all on the website.

“Now it has become a movement throughout the community,” she added.

Celebration of June 17:How BuyBlackNB plans to support black-owned South Coast businesses

“In our platform we are black and proud and shameless about it. This is what we put forward and the community that we start. We create that sense of pride in Blackness. “

Following the Black Lives Matter 2020 protests, people supported black owned businesses. The sudden attention to inequality in America has generated numerous online listings highlighting black-owned businesses to support, according to a USAToday article.

Almost from the start of the protests in late May 2020, online sales jumped 225% from what was considered average for black-owned businesses in a 2019 report.

However, distinguishing between black-owned businesses has also been criticized. Perry said he received a lot of negative comments from locals.

“There has been a misconception and misunderstanding as to why this has to exist,” Perry said. “That’s why it’s so important, this misunderstanding alone is one of the reasons we have to do it.

After a wave of support: Black entrepreneurs resume their usual activities

“There is a history of systemic black oppression, because there is a huge wealth gap, and there is an economic opportunity that is created by organizing in this way with the black community.”

Justina Perry, Founder and Director of BuyBlackNB.

Perry said BuyBlackNB aims to close the racial wealth gap, strengthen local economies, foster job creation and celebrate black culture. “It also creates a lot of positive images for black youth and their racial identity,” she added.

Ephemeral vendor markets

On June 19, BuyBlackNB hosted its first pop-up in-person seller’s market at Rotch-Jones-Duff House. According to Perry, more than 1,000 people were in attendance.

The beginner:Hey SouthCoast I found some really cool black owned businesses

In addition to the more than 30 vendors represented, the event also included activities including an arts and crafts section for children, a cartoonist and the Black Panther and Shuri of Marvel’s “Black Panther” take pictures with the guests.

The Rotch-Jones-Duff-House hosted the BuyBlackNB pop-up on Juneteenth in New Bedford.

“I am very touched by the number of people who are showing up and are really receptive to what we are doing with our mission,” said Perry. in a previous interview at the event. “It really is affirmative and it is such a relief.”

According to Perry, the organization’s nine pop-up events generated more than $ 30,000 in total revenue for the black-owned businesses that participated.

She said the website has also connected stakeholders, community members and organizations to hire various companies and staff. “Businesses have this network and take immense pride in being connected,” added Perry.

Celebrate the performance

The most recent mini pop-up was at the Communal Space at 246 Union St during the dNB Inc Holiday Walk. The pop-up featured a black Santa Claus.

“I’m so glad we were able to do this and bring this performance to the kids,” Perry said. “It gives people a little break from knowing when they’re going to hire a Santa, have that portrayal and how important that is especially to the kids.”

BuyBlackNB hosts a monthly virtual event called

Throughout the year, BuyBlackNB hosted a monthly virtual event called “Black in Business: HERstory,” celebrating black women business leaders in New Bedford.

Owners such as Samia Walker, Celia Brito and Tanya Alves from Célia’s shop, Lori Gomes from Beauty Union and Iva Brito spoke on the panel.

This discussion was chaired by Perry and Rayana Grace from New Bedford Historical Society.

BuyBlackNB plans for 2022

Perry said she has more ambitious goals for 2022 and plans to continue with pop-up markets and HERstory seminars.

The next planned pop-up will take place on April 16, the day after Easter, in Fall River. This will be the first event in Fall River, after strong demand.

Founder Justina Perry started BuyBlackNB during the pandemic after compiling a list of black-owned businesses to support during Black Lives Matter protests.

Perry also confirmed another pop-up from Juneteenth sellers at the Rotch-Jones-Duff house.

With additional funds, the organization hopes to hire more staff. Perry said they will also improve BuyBlackNB’s official website to make it more detailed and comprehensive.

“We are all excited for the sequel,” she said.

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