‘Brain Gain Resources’ publishes a directory of companies, job seekers and students

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Business owners, hiring managers, entrepreneurs, job seekers and students have a new source of helpful information with Brain Gain Resources.

As part of the Business Journal’s Brain Gain 2022 program, we’ve curated a collection of resources on education, workforce development, and entrepreneurship in one place. All resources are available without online subscription.

Resources are categorized by need, whether a user is looking to explore area colleges and universities or prefer to see what local career and technology schools have to offer. A section for job seekers provides a list of resources to explore current openings. And a section for unions and apprenticeship programs directs new high school graduates and adults to career opportunities in the skilled trades.

“Over the past few years, we’ve had the good fortune to meet and work with many of the organizations and resources listed on Brain Gain Resources,” says Andrea Wood, editor of The Business Journal. “The number one challenge facing almost every business is hiring and retaining qualified employees. That’s why we compile these resources. We’ve organized everything to help individuals at all levels of the job search journey.

For startups, long-time businesses, and professionals, Brain Gain Resources provides lists of resources for workforce development, entrepreneur support, and economic development. This includes the Financial orientation of farmers – a series of videos exclusive to The Business Journal and Brain Gain 2022.

During this year, Farmers National Bank financial experts will offer ideas and advice on how to finance a business, develop sound financial habits, write a business plan and obtain credit to support business operations.

Each posted resource provides a brief explanation of what the organization offers and contact information. Links to key contacts and programs or services are displayed with each listing for a simpler and more efficient user experience.

For organizations that are not listed but have programs or services that match one or more of the audiences listed in Brain Gain Resources, they can submit their information by clicking HERE and filling out the form.

If your organization has multiple services and/or departments that might service more than one Brain Gain Resources category – for example, if you provide services to job seekers as well as workforce development agencies – please submit a completed form for each category.

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