Afternoon coffee: SirionLabs is expanding and expanding its network of partners; Rossum raises $ 100 million; PRO this week: RFP360 and 7 S2P Suppliers detailed in the Supply Service Series and Directory

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Contract lifecycle management specialist SirionLabs this week announced fiscal growth and global expansion plans, including a wider network of partnerships.

SirionLabs, which ranks first as a Value Leader in our ranking of SolutionMap CLM providers, said it has strengthened its partnership networks with companies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP, Tealbook, Fluxym, Syke and CATS CM.

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CLM veteran Rajeev Kumar has joined SirionLabs as Chief Revenue Officer. In a press release, he said companies are maturing in the way they handle contracts.

“With the strategic role that CLM plays within the modern enterprise today, companies are looking to shift and move from sub-optimal digital contract repositories to the next generation of smarter contracts,” said Kumar.

Rossum raises $ 100 million in Series A

Document management specialist Rossum has announced that it has raised $ 100 million in a Series A cycle and plans to strengthen its B2B operations in Prague and expand to other global markets.

The US fund General Catalyst led this round, as well as several previous investors, including LocalGlobe, Seedcamp, Miton and Elad Gil.

Rossum said he is focusing on growing business demand for business process automation.

“There is a hidden opportunity in the fact that every product in the world requires the cooperation of hundreds of companies, and it produces thousands of transactions,” Rossum CEO Tomas Gogar said in a press release. “As market leaders in documentary AI technology, we are in a unique position to transform the way these transactions are communicated and processed. Rossum has already saved billions of keystrokes in data entry for our customers. Now we are saving time on the entire transaction processing process by creating an end-to-end business communication platform.

PRO analyst content this week

This week’s coverage from Spend Matters PRO analysts focused on the RFP360 procurement solution, which has an interesting take on the RFP process. And we continued our “Procurement Services Market Landscape Report and Directory” research series with our first look at seven of the 34 vendors in the study. More strategic details about each provider, such as the range of services they offer and a list of their competitors, can be found in the buyers directory.

Our PRO subscribers can read the full articles, but all readers can see the long introductions that frame the issues discussed. This week:

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