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You might think the Town Crier doesn’t need publicity since they have a membership model. Not so. While the membership plan has indeed kept the nose of our newspaper above water, advertising will still be the main source of income when it comes to paying our bills: payroll, printing, rent, utilities. , various types of insurance, Xerox and security system fees, shipping, office supplies, gas and oil, and more.
Without more frequent and regular advertising, the Town Crier risks the fate of more than 2,000 American newspapers that have closed their doors in the past 14 years, including hundreds in California.
Since we bought the TC over eight years ago, we’ve made advertising more affordable in a number of ways. Currently, we offer full page, half page, quarter, eighth and even sixteenth page display ads. Sign a one-year contract and you’ll save 10%. (Nonprofits always get a 10% discount.) And we always – always – encourage our readers to patronize Town Crier advertisers.
Our Hill restaurants are filling up – especially on weekends – and they are working hard to bring their staff back to normal levels. So now is the time to announce their available positions for future employees and those who return, and to list their hours of operation, menus and specials for new and returning customers.
With visitors filling our streets again on weekends, our hostels must advertise their accommodations and our stores must advertise their wares.
Mandy Johnson, the Town Crier’s Office Manager, is an excellent display advertising consultant, working directly with our designer. Reach her at [email protected] or at the town crier’s office: 951-659-2145. And please contact Mandy for service directory announcements, classifieds and legal notices.
The town crier actively participates in the recovery of our community. We wish the best for all of us.


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