Perseverance leads to triumphant victories

Persistence and determination paid off for the students who received their high school diplomas and certificates at the PWCS Adult Education and Summer School Graduation Ceremony held recently. Their achievement is a testament to the fact that PWCS programs are a launching pad for anyone willing to persevere.

The launching ceremony took place at Gar-Field High School and included 16/17 year old GED / ISAEP graduate students, National External Diploma, Adult Education and Summer School of the division. Emotions were especially high this year as the more than 200 graduates prepared to cross the stage and spin the pom poms on their caps.

To most standard academic challenges, these students add complicated life circumstances or the relentless discovery that they learn best in less traditional settings to achieve this triumphant event. Add to that the challenges that the pandemic has brought, and it becomes evident that the personal stories of the dissertation students reflect a firm commitment to overcoming diversity and succeeding.

In her first opening address as PWCS Superintendent of Schools, Dr. LaTanya D. McDade underscored the message that challenges are surmountable with persistence and that continuous learning, pushing your limits and caring for you and others will help you make your dreams come true.

“I am very happy to congratulate you and to be a part of this once in a lifetime shipment,” she said. “You should be congratulated on having gone through this very difficult time to reach this important milestone and I am also very aware that this pandemic may not have been the only challenge for you. But no matter the challenges, you are here. I congratulate you all on this autonomy and perseverance and I hope you continue to work your muscles as you move through the next chapter of your life.

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