How to Sync Android with Zorin OS 16


Jack Wallen walks you through the process of connecting Zorin operating system to Android for easy file sharing, SMS management and more.


My two main operating systems are Linux for desktop and Android for mobile. I rely on both to help me stay productive. But one thing I was missing was the ability of the two to communicate with each other in a way that improves productivity. So when I looked at the latest version from the developers of Zorin OS (read “Zorin OS 16 is exactly what a Linux desktop distro should be”), I was blown away by the simplicity with which they had established the connection between Linux and Android. Once logged in, you can share files between operating systems, manage your SMS messages, and more (the only thing I’d like them to add is the ability to sync contacts).

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Of course, I realize that other desktop environments have already achieved this feat. In fact, KDE Connect allows you to sync Linux and Android from KDE and GNOME desktop environments. But what Zorin OS has done is take us one step further. With Zorin Connect, syncing your Linux and Android devices has become incredibly easy.

Let me show you how.

I will be doing a demonstration on Zorin OS Pro and Android 12 (running on a Pixel device).

How to install the Android app

The first thing you need to do is install the Zorin Connect Android app from the Google Play Store. Install this app by doing the following:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for Zorin Connect.
  3. Tap Install.

That’s it. Open the app and head to the desktop.

How to pair Android and Zorin OS

In your Zorin OS desktop menu, search for Zorin Connect. Once opened, go through the wizard until you come to the page that lists your device (Figure A).

Figure A


My Pixel 5 is available for Zorin OS.

Tap the list on your Android phone. Back on your Android device, you should see your desktop listed (Number B).

Number B


Zorinpro is the office I’m looking to connect with.

On Android, tap the entry on your desktop, and then tap REQUEST PAIRING. When prompted on the desktop, click Accept (Figure C).

Figure C


Acceptance of the connection request from the desktop.

Also, be sure to tap Pair (when prompted) on your Android device. You will then see the different options you have for Zorin Connect (Number D).

Number D


We are now connected and we can share things between the desktop and the mobile device.

If you click on the Zorin Connect icon in the system tray of your desktop, you will see the entry for your device. Click on this entry to reveal the different actions you can take (Encrypted).



Everything we can do with Zorin Connect from the desktop.

How to fix the storage location error after installing Zorin OS

You will receive a storage location error on the desktop. This is because you haven’t made local storage directories available from Android. Until you take care of it, you can’t share files between devices. To resolve this issue, scroll to the bottom of the Android Zorin Connect setup page for your smart device and tap File System Exposure.

When prompted, tap OK for the file system exposure, and then tap Add storage location (Figure F).

Figure F


Added storage location for Zorin Connect on Android.

Press Storage location / click to select. Locate the directory on your Android device that you want to expose to Zorin Connect and tap on the directory in question. When prompted, tap Use this folder (Number H), then tap Allow and OK.

Number H


Added Documents folder on Android as shared connection to Zorin OS.

And that’s all. You are ready to start syncing your Android device with your Zorin OS desktop. Enjoy.

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