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A poor credit payday loan online is a financial product that allows you to borrow cash with poor credit and without leaving your home. It can be taken on the same or even better terms than stationary.

Your cash is here, just Request a poor credit payday loan online

To apply for a poor credit payday loan online, you must complete the special form on our website Thanks to this, it is very easy to apply for loans.

The procedure for applying for a loan online is very simple. The customer needs his / her ID card, bank account number and mobile phone number. In addition, of course, you need to adjust the loan amount and repayment date to your needs. Then click the “submit application” button. In order to finalize the application procedure, you must approve the regulations and confirm the submission of the application by clicking on the activation link in the e-mail from the lender.

Online loans

Both banks and non-bank institutions offer online loans. The entire procedure for applying for such a loan is simplified to a minimum – loan decisions are issued even in a few minutes. At present, there are several types of loans online. They are as follows:

– non-bank loan – this is a type of loan granted to customers by non-bank institutions. The distinguishing feature of non-bank loans is the small number of customer requirements – all you have to do is enter your basic personal data and the money will go to our account the same day. Non-bank lenders do not require their clients to provide additional documents, such as an income statement. Waiting for a loan decision is very short;

a payday loan (short-term loan) – a type of non-bank loan with a repayment period of 30 to 90 days. This financial product also has a relatively low amount that you can apply for. Many non-bank companies offer their new clients the first payday loan in the APRC 0% promotion – then they give away exactly the same amount of money as they borrowed. The procedure for applying for payday loans is also free of unnecessary formalities;

installment loan (long-term loan) – installment loans are offered by banks, non-bank institutions, and private individuals. It is a financial product dedicated to consumers who would like to borrow a slightly larger amount for a longer period of time. Typically, the longer the repayment period, the greater the final total costs of the installment loan;

refinanced loan – this is a loan granted to customers who have trouble paying off their previous financial liability. A refinanced loan allows for quick repayment of customer debts. To be able to apply for a refinanced loan, you must report the problem of repayment of your current loan to your lender as soon as possible. Most non-bank institutions require that the repayment problem be signaled before the end of the original debt repayment date;

loans without BIK – such loans are intended for persons whose details appear in registers of debtors such as BIK (Credit Information Bureau). The presence in such databases means that it is absolutely impossible to get a classic bank loan. Loans without BIK are granted by non-bank institutions on worse terms than standard payday loans. When taking out a loan without BIK, you have to take into account the need to incur higher costs.

Confirmation of the borrower’s identity

Before the lender issues a decision on granting a loan to the client, he or she first checks whether the data entered in the form is correct. However, the consumer does not have to send a scan of his ID card or call anywhere. Verification is fast and efficient thanks to the verification transfer service. To confirm their data, the customer must send a transfer of PLN 0.01 or PLN 1 to the bank account of the loan company.

The transaction must be made from a bank account that belongs to the customer. The details of the account owner and the person submitting the application must be the same.
In some companies, there are also other ways to confirm your identity. Customers can do this using application such as Instantor, KontoConnect or Kontomatik. How it’s working? Users from one of these applications must log in to their bank account. In this way, his data is confirmed immediately.

What does the application process look like in a loan company?

credit money loan

Each lender asks the client what income they earn. In this way, he obtains information about his creditworthiness. Polish regulations also require banking and non-banking institutions to check that applicants’ data do not appear in one of the existing databases of debtors (KRD, BIK, BIG, ERIF). The current amount of debt and negative credit history may determine that the customer will be refused a loan.

Decisions to grant a loan online or to reject an application are issued during the institution’s business hours. If the customer submits the application within this time frame, he usually receives the loan decision in a few minutes. The lender informs about the decision made by e-mail, SMS or telephone. If the decision is positive, the waiting time for the transfer is another several minutes.

Responsible lending pays off

Any decision to take a non-bank loan online should be made responsibly, taking into account your current financial capabilities. We strongly advise against borrowing “beyond the state” – this can quickly lead to a spiral of debt. Getting out of the spiral of debt can be very difficult.

All non-bank companies quickly start expensive debt collection procedures, which may result in entering debtors in the register and conducting bailiff enforcement.


The online non-bank loan market is booming. At the moment, every customer can choose from a whole bunch of various financial products on very attractive terms.

The vast majority of non-banking institutions have an interesting “first loan for free” promotions for their new clients (APRC 0%). When borrowing money, you must always use good sense.