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The United States’ National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) – which investigates complaints against employers – must review complaints filed by two Apple employees, including allegations of unfair changes to working conditions, harassment and gagging of pay equity discussions.

Ashley Gjovik, senior engineering program manager at Apple who filed her complaint Aug. 26, told Reuters she had at the very least suffered “harassment by a manager, reduced responsibilities and increased work. unfavorable”.

According to the FT, Gjovik was put on indefinite paid administrative leave last month while Apple investigated her allegations of a hostile work environment.

Apple software engineer Cher Scarlett filed a separate complaint with the labor watchdog on September 1, telling Reuters that Apple “has repeatedly stopped wage talks between employees.” In various states in the United States, including Apple’s home state of California, bosses are not explicitly allowed to prevent employees from talking about their compensation.

Scarlett said the tipping point for her in filing her complaint with the Labor Watchdog was when Apple executives refused to allow staff to create a channel on an internal Slack workspace to chat of compensation, claiming it was irrelevant for their work. Still, the workspace had channels for non-professional things like pets.

Over the past two weeks, some Apple staff have revealed on Twitter what it’s like to work at iGiant, using the hashtag Apple too. Linked to this, a website of the same name has also been launched by Scarlett and her friends to collect and share the experiences of those at the global tech giant. She released the first set here earlier this week.

“A group of Apple employees have come together to organize and protect themselves,” the website said.

“We ask our colleagues at Apple who want to see real change at Apple to share their stories. When our stories are brought together and presented together, they help expose persistent patterns of racism, sexism, inequity, discrimination, intimidation, repression, coercion, abuse, unfair punishment, and unchecked privilege. . “

Those behind the website insist that they have tried to voice their concerns through recognized and established internal reporting channels. But they say a lack of progress and heightened frustration has forced them to go public and publicize some of their complaints more widely. The first batch of stories shared by Scarlett include allegations of hostile work environments, discrimination and harassment.

In light of the official labor council investigation, it seems likely that more stories will emerge.

The register asked Apple for comment on complaints filed with the board and the broader concerns raised by #AppleToo. We also wanted to know if these complaints were limited to the United States or if there was a sign that the growls about corporate culture could spread beyond the United States, and in particular the United Kingdom.

So far, we haven’t had any feedback from Apple yet. Big shock, we know.

However, in a statement to the Financial Times, the iPhone maker said, “We are and always have been deeply committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace. We take all concerns seriously and thoroughly investigate each time a concern is raised and, out of respect for the privacy of anyone involved, we do not discuss specific employee matters. “®

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