A company unveils a business directory for craftsmen and SMEs


By Omolabake Fasogbon

The integrated marketing company, ABT Marketing Nigeria Ltd, has launched an online business directory where artisans and operators of small and medium-sized businesses can connect and interact with their potential customers.

According to the organization, the move aligned with the federal government’s efforts to stimulate economic development, by leveraging information and communications technology (ICT) resources.

Company CEO Ridwan Onitolo explained that the platform “is designed for business owners and end-to-end users” to connect inside and outside their network, while improving the visibility of owners.

“The web platform would provide artisans and any business owner with the ability to advertise, present and communicate with consumers,” said Onitolo.

He added that the service, which is free for the first year, would also bridge the trust gap between buyers and sellers.

“Often times we see artisans putting their names on the street walls in the name of the advertisement, when people are afraid to deal with such business owners because they are not sure of the source.

“To get on board, all you need to do is register with the organization’s management, be verified and your subscription will be live on the web.

“All skilled workers such as bakers, plumbers, tailors, hair straighteners, painters, barbers, stylists, mechanics / engineers, carpenters, makeup artists, ties and event planners, among others , can now register for easy access by users

“We are offering a free advertising package for selected entrepreneurs. This will come as a giveaway on the feedback we receive through the direct training program that we run from time to time. Our media team will make a creative ad package and interview the business owner and sell it on media channels for clients to achieve huge growth.

Onitolo informed that the platform will also give more benefits to subscribers at the next ABT annual trade shows and the upcoming fair in Lagos.

He highlighted some of the benefits of trade shows such as “product visibility, training, digital and contemporary marketing, among others”.

“We urge entrepreneurs to start listing their businesses on the web that is ready to go, while the reservation of space for trade shows has also started,” said Onitolo.

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